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That seems to make sense, because I remember the first night it did it, when it shifted to 2nd it felt like I just hit a foot deep pothole. Funny this should happen to me, as I don't even drive aggressively.

How much should I worry about Stage 1? Do I really have to unmarry the damn thing? I hate doing it. I should be alright to at least take it in and have it diagnosed, right? As soon as that light is blinking, I will take it in, Stage 1 or not, to have it diagnosed. Then, for actual repairs, I will unmarry it. I just want it documented somewhere that I started having this problem prior to the 60k limit so that I am still covered. I know that on my older Nissan one of my struts started clunking at 32k miles and at 36.500 it blew on me. Because I had it documented they replaced it under warranty.

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