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Anyone with an OEM blown turbo please post!
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Currently I (as many before) have a blown OEM turbo on my 2005 LGT with 58,000 miles (please see my other post for details: that the dealership claims failed due to a lack of oil.

However this seems to be a very common fate to most Subaru owners, since the oil filter screen built into the factory oil feed banjo bolt at the cylinder head starves the turbo of oil and does not cause the oil pressure warning lamp to come on.

Now my purpose with this post is to hopefully gather a consensus of how many LGT owners have had their OEM turbo fail and what the cause of the failure was.

So please post the following.




Time Out Of Use:

Problem And Likely Cause:


Submitted For Warranty Work (Yes/No):

Reason Given For Denial (if applicable):

Your Story:

Mods - This is also posted in the turbo forum as well. Please do not delete. I'm trying to gather as much input as i can. Thank You

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