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Cruise control surges/jerks downhill
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Hey all,

I'm posting this on behalf of my grandparents. A while back they replaced their 98 legacy with an 05 legacy.

Immediately, they noticed a problem with the cruise control. Going down hills, the car surges/jerks while trying to maintain the correct speed. My grandpa thinks it's related to the new fly by wire system, and the systems are having trouble communicating.

They have taken the car to the dealer many times and have come to the conclusion that:
- Every similar car they drive has this problem
- No one else has complained about it, so it 'is not a problem'

They've gone to the factory with their problem and around March 20th got the following response.

Basically, what they are experiencing is a 'normal operating characteristic of the car.' The cruise control was only designed to work on FLAT, straight, level roads, not uphill or downhill. They also said they have duplicated this on other models, and since no one else has complained, it is not a problem in their eyes.

They also say to check the owners manual about the dangers of using cruise during inclement weather, lol.

If anyone else is having this problem, my grandparents advise going straight to the factory website to get all the problems reported in one place. Hopefully this way something will get done about it (if there turns out to be a true problem). If you want to email them about it, the address they used was

So any comments? questions? Most of the cruise control problems I've found on this site relate to it shutting off after overheating.

Thanks a bunch.
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