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Funniest phrases/questions you've heard about your Legacy V1 (CLOSED)
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NASIOC has one, didn't see one here :x

Some random kid at school
"Hey man this is a niceeee car"
"No like really really nice, wow leather seats and everything"
"So what is it, a Malibu or something?"
"WTf (insulted)... a Subaru... says so on the back..."

Some random guy in a parking lot (while I'm sitting in my car)
"Yooo guy is this a LEGACY?"
"NO WAY MAN this is like an STi without the weird ass styling, I love it"
"Ya.. not as fast though "
"I'd take it any day still"
"K just don't jack mine"

3. I get this from girls all the time.. on the highway
"Why are we only going 100..?"
"Look harder"
"O SH-"
(I live in Canada and my speedo's USDM~)
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