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Title: K2 Gear Legacy GT
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Car: 2005 Legacy GT (5EAT) Stage 3.5
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SWEET! Thanks so much Mike, for your gorgeous photos of my car! I feel truly blessed and honored!

My Mod List:
(new additions from last time, highlighted below.)

  • COBB AccessPORT
  • AVO 255 lph Fuel Pump
  • AVO TMIC ver. 2
  • ENEOS 5W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil
  • COBB Uppipe (Catless)
  • COBB 3” Downpipe (Catted)
  • K2 Gear ~Spec-Neo Dual~ Full System Kit Exhaust (Titanium Quad Tips)
  • K2 Gear Radiator Cooling Plate
  • CUSCO Front Strut Tower Bar
  • AEM Cold Air Intake
  • NISMO 740cc Fuel Injectors
  • Deadbolt TD06H-18G Turbocharger
  • ZERO/SPORTS Racing Development Exhaust Manifold (Thermal-Coated by Crucial Racing Systems)
  • AVO Legacy Blow-Off Valve
  • Prodrive 3-Port Boost Solenoid
  • ARC International Anodized Oil Cap
  • ARC International Radiator Cap
  • Clark Turner Pro-Tuned Stage 3 Base Map
  • Clark Turner Pro-Tuned 100 Octane Race Map
  • Subaru Spec. B Front Lower Control Arms (L / R)
  • Subaru Japan (JDM) 20mm Rear Stabilizer Bar
  • AVO Caster Adjustment Bushings
  • KW Coilovers, Variant 2
  • ENDLESS SUPER STREET M-Sport (SS-M) Brake Pads
  • Motul RBF 600 Racing Brake Fluid
  • Prodrive GC-05F Wheels, 18” x 8” (46mm offset)
  • Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 Tires, 225/40/18
  • Nishimura (West End) Corner Balance & Alignment
  • HKS Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler for Legacy
  • Motul Gear 300 75W-90 100% Ester Synthetic Gearbox Oil
  • ENDLESS 6 Pot Brake Calipers (Front)
  • ENDLESS Racing 4 (4 Pot) Brake Calipers (Rear)
  • ENDLESS Racing 2 Piece Slotted Rotors (x 4)
  • ENDLESS Swivel Steel Brake Lines
  • CasopoliS Design Cubbypod II Dual 60mm Gauge Bracket
  • Defi Link Meter BF 60mm Boost Gauge
  • Defi Link Meter BF 60mm EGT Gauge
  • Defi Link Control Unit II
  • K2 Gear ~Reiz~ Front Bumper
  • Subaru Japan (JDM) 2.0 GT Spec. B Front Bumper Internal
  • K2 Gear ~Reiz~ Front Lip Spoiler (Wet Carbon Fiber)
  • K2 Gear ~Reiz~ Front Grille (Wet Carbon Fiber / FRP)
  • K2 Gear ~Reiz~ Fog Lamp Attachments (x 2)
  • K2 Gear “Subaru Meister K2 Gear” Emblem (Black Nickel)
  • Subaru Japan (JDM) 2.0 GT Spec. B Fog Lamps (x 2)
  • Subaru Japan (JDM) Front Aero Splash Guards
  • Subaru Japan (JDM) Rear Aero Splash Guards
  • STi Legacy Trunk Spoiler
  • PIAA Plasma Ion Yellow H3 Fog Light Bulbs (x 2)
  • Sylvania SilverStar 3157 High Performance Signal Light Bulbs (x 2)

Sincerest Thanks:
To my Friends who help me put this car together: Firstly, to my dachi & brotha’ Mike (ghibli99), thanks for the Knowledge, Support, and Uber Camera Skillz, and my fellow Bruin brotha’ and inspiration, Mike (CreoSTi / CreoWRX)! Keefe-sensei (Xenonk), Edmund (edmundu), Rich (RC0032), Merv (SnoDork) & his JDM Dog, REZA!, Paul (Boostjunkie), my KW Pimp! , Vince! (Bishop), Mark (Colatkitty), Mark (d3v3u5), Jeff (Wukindada), Jon (Casopolis), Kevin (BOXRPWR), PGT, Kenny (kennyvb), I couldn’t have built Version 4.0 without you all!

To my tomodachi: Manny! (Mannylegacy), Rao, Anthony (WRBWRXVII), Mitch (Teiva-boy), Kev (swift2fly), Andy, Sashin, Dan @ Prodrive, John (Spritefiend), Rich (MPREZYA), Ben (Axis008), Bayano (Panamajack), Michael (Hanger), Henry (Doctorchu), Sean (Legasee), Garrett (MiniStiGuy), Amit (GetErDun), Boynton (Bmorrisj), Rigo (lookslikeanevo), Erwin (awdG35killer), Drew (SQC049), Mach V Dan, James (Jaymesbry), Ed (Edkwon), Anthony (Wuzkrackin83), Steph (TECHICKWRX), IWannaSportsSedan, James (ProjectS15), Rommel, Mike (mikeyan), Joseph (Thran), Keith (KJR), Dave (urfsin), Shamar (Infamous1), Omar (CobaltForge), Long (Longitude), Mike (mines), the rest of the So Cal Crew, Evan (Surfside Detailing) for the always Top Notch Detailing Job, and anyone else I missed – Thank You! – and Tide for putting together the awesome!

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