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a super simple custom install in a LGT sedan :) pics here
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Finally had the pleasure to do another LGT!

This is what i call "wouldnt you like to have this instead of a prefab box in the trunk?" kind of install...the most simple level of custom intsall i do... uusally with total labor budget around the 500 dollar range for the entire car


1. good balanced SQ
2. keep spare but save as much room as possible
3. clean and stealthy

first off, I've been reading a lot about how manual LGT owners have a real issue getting the power wire into the cabin...resporting to under the car or wheel well or fender as that i have done a manual LGT, i really have to say the issue is really not that bad at all...

my rule of running wire through the firewall usually is:

in order of preference:

1. stock empty grommit
2. stock knock out panel in the insulation whcih contains a empty space behind it to drill
3. using the existing main wiring grommit on the car

in all the cars i hvae ever done, i have yet to encounter one that doesnt work with these three techniques. the LGT, did require me to go to number 3. whcih is very simple. there is a large stock wire pass through on the pasenger side firewall. what you wanna do is slice it open, pop it out a little, and feed the cable through. then after you loom it, you seal it a bit with silicone or stripe caulk. This is a very safeway to do the wire and acutally is pretty much teonly way to do Zs and Gs

here is a shot of where hte grommit is, this is the view before i applied the strip caulk:

and here is where it goes int he cabin:

takes about 5 mins, again very simple hope this helps...and if you are worried about leakage dont be, i have done probably over 200 vehciles over the years using stock pass throughs with no problems what so ever just dont slice it too huge and seal it a little, though honestly, even if yo udont seal it, most of the cars dont have an issue anyway...

moving on an AVO single din kit replaces the stock cubby, and a kenwood headunit resides there, supplied by the customer, i forgot the model number off hand, but it comes with usb input .

i also installed a customer supplied bluetooth unit, and had the mike here:

i also routed his USB input cable and minijack aux input cable to his center arm rest:

a pair of DLS ultimate UX26 6.5" high end coaxials reside in the stock locations,
via spacers, the entire door was dampened partially by the customer and i finished the job, new wires were routedd into the door so no resuing stock wiring here )

moving on to the trunk, a simple, backward facing enclosure was built, and this is this the view covered up:

the sub enclsoure also house the two elemetnal designs nine.2 amps, bracketing a single image dynamics ID12, a front sub panel was biult and routed out, covered in white suede to frame the sub and amps, and then a cosmetic panel was made to finish it off, here is the view with the cover off

and finally, a behind the scenes view of the subbox/amp rack and wire routing...

honestly, it sounds excellent for such a simple, two day install but i can let the customer chime in himself after he gets it back
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