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Legacy Part Numbers.
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As I Public Service to the members, I offer you my list of BL/BP part numbers I have amassed so far. These include USDM & JDM parts, enjoy.

Updated Mar 29, 2005

Stock OEM 17x7 Aluminum Wheel (USDM Legacy GT) - 28111AG04A
Stock OEM front sway bar - 20401AG04A
Mud Guards (Front, Sedan or Wagon) - J1010AG221
Mud Guards (Rear Sedan) - J1010AG234
Mud Guards (Rear wagon) - J1010AG224
Subwoofer w/Amplifier - H630SAG000
Hood Protector (GT) - E231SAG200
STi Cat less Up-pipe - 44104FE090
STi Short Throw Shifter - C1010AG000
STi Door Sill Plates - E1010AG010
STi Strut Tower Brace (Front) - ST2050021000
STi Pedal Set – Manual - C8110SA000
STi Pedal Set – Automatic - C8110SA010
Momo Shift Knob – Manual - C1010SE000
Momo Shift Knob – Automatic - C101ESA000
2.5i Wagon Rear Floor Edge Trim (Gray Plastic) 95073AG04AJC
2.5GT Wagon Rear Floor Edge Trim (Stainless Steel) 95073AG05AJC
Wagon Cargo Tray – Off Black J501SAG050JD
Wagon Cargo Tray – Ivory J501SAG050WB
Wagon Cross-Bar Set - Square E361EAG300
Wagon Cross-Bar Set – Round E3610AS181
Wagon Cargo Net, Rear F551SAG000
Wagon Cargo Net, Rear Side Compartment F551SAG100
Wagon Cargo Net, Rear Seat Back F551SAG200
Auto-Dimming Compass Mirror H5010LS003
Auto-Dimming Compass Mirror with Homelink H501SAG010
Sun Visor w/Home Link (Drivers Side) - 92011AG52AOR
2.5i Foglight Kit H4510AG030
2.5i Foglight Trim Panel (RH) 57731AG80A##
2.5i Foglight Trim Panel (LH) 57731AG81A##
Security Upgrade / Perimeter Alarm H711SAG000
Subwoofer Upgrade H630SAG000
Rear Spoiler (Sedan) E721SAG000##
Rocker Panel Trim E2610AG000##
Air Filtration System Kit G3210AG000
Center Armrest Extension – Off Black J2010AG00JD
Center Armrest Extension – Taupe J2010AG00WB
Trailer Hitch L101SAG000
12v Cooler / Warmer by Igloo SOA787V100
12v Cargo Area Spotlight SOA303N100
Up-pipe Gasket – Turbo Side 44022AA150
Up-pipe Gasket – Manifold Side 44022AA170

Front - 26300AG02A
Rear - 26700AE081

Bilstein Parts:
Bilstein upper front strut mount - 2 needed - 20320AG000
Bilstein upper front strut mount dust seal - 2 needed - 20326AG000
Bilstein upper rear strut mount - 2 needed - 20370AG000
Bilstein Spec-B Rear Shocks - 2 needed - 20365AG050
Bilstein Spec-B Front Strut (Right) - 20310AG100
Bilstein Spec-B Front Strut (Left) - 20310AG110
Bilstein Spec-B Rev. A& B Rear Shocks - 2 needed - 20365AG120
Bilstein Spec-B Rev. A Front Strut (Right) - 20310AG140
Bilstein Spec-B Rev. A Front Strut (Left) - 20310AG150
Bilstein Spec-B Rev. B Front Strut (Right) - 20310AG180
Bilstein Spec-B Rev. B Front Strut (Left) - 20310AG190
Bilstein 2.0GT Rear Shocks - 2 needed - 20365AG040
Bilstein 2.0GT Front Strut (Right) - 20310AG060
Bilstein 2.0GT Front Strut (Left) - 20310AG070
Bilstein Trunk Badge (Silver Trim) - J1217AG209
Bilstein Trunk Badge (Gold Trim) - J1217AG219
Rev. C GT Bilsteins:
20310AG400 - front right strut JDM BP/BL 2.0GT / 3.0R
20310AG410 - front left strut JDM BP/BL 2.0GT / 3.0R
20365AG260 - rear shock (same left & right) JDM BP/BL 2.0GT / 3.0R
Rev. C GT SpecB Bilsteins:
20310AG420 - front right strut JDM BP/BL 2.0GT spec B / 3.0R spec B
20310AG430 - front left strut JDM BP/BL 2.0GT spec B / 3.0R spec B
20365AG270 - rear shock (same left & right) JDM BP/BL 2.0GT spec B / 3.0R spec B

Subaru of Japan Accessories:
Painted Standard Mud Guards Sedan (Front & Rear Set) - J1017AG230##
Painted Standard Mud Guards Wagon (Front & Rear Set) - J1017AG220##
Painted Aero Mud Guards Wagon (Front & Rear Set) - J1017AG200##
Painted Aero Mud Guards Sedan (Front & Rear Set) - J1017AG210##
Painted Side View Mirror Pillar Mount Cover - J1017AG070##
Painted Mesh Sport Grille - J1017AG001##
Painted Mesh Sport Grill II - J1017AG000##
Painted Mesh Sport Grille – 3.0R - J1017AG060##
Painted Aero Side Skirt Set - E2617AG000##
Painted Headlight Trim - J1017AG020##
Painted Taillight Trim (Sedan) - J1017AG030##
Painted Taillight Trim (Wagon) - J1017AG040##
Painted Rear Bumper Spats (Sedan) - E5617AG030##
Painted Rear Trunk Lip Spoiler (Sedan) - E7217AG020##
Stainless Steel Exhaust Outlet Protection - E7717AG030
17” Subaru Tire Chains (215/45R17) - B3177AC000
18” Subaru Tire Chains (215/45R18) - B3177PA010
Trunk Carpet Pad – Berber, Sedan – Dark Gray - J5017AG340LB
Armrest Extension with Additional Storage – Dark Gray - J2017AG000
Armrest Extension with Additional Storage – Beige - J2017AG010
Side Visor (Rain Visor) [BL Legacy GT Sedan] - E3617AG000
Side Visor (Rain Visor) [BP Legacy GT Wagon] - E3617AG010
Subaru 'L7' Grille Ornament - 93013AE020

STI Parts:
STi Genome Single Tip Muffler Set - SG417AG020
STi Genome A-Pillar Boost Gauge - SG817AG000
STi Genome Wheel – 17” - 4 needed - SG217AG000
STi Brake Pad Set (Front 2-pot) - ST2629621000
STi Brake Pad Set (Rear 1-pot) - ST2850055380
STi Dual Tip Muffler Set - ST4430021000
STi Spline Drive Lug Nut Set – Black - ST28170ST000
STi Spline Drive Lug Nut Set – Blue - ST28170ST010
STi Spline Drive Lug Nut Set – Gold - ST28170ST020
STi Front Lip Spoiler [BL/BP Legacy GT] ST9602021010
STi rear trailing arm link set [BL/BP Legacy GT] - ST2029066000
STi Sport Springs - Front (BL=Sedan/BP=Wagon):
- BL GT Auto; BP GT Auto - ST2033021000
- BL GT Manual, BL GT-B Auto; BP GT Manual, GT-B Manual/Auto - ST2033021010
- BL GT-B Manual - ST2033021020
STi Sport Springs - Rear (BL=Sedan/BP=Wagon):
- BL GT/GT-B Auto/Manual - ST2038021000
- BP GT Auto/Manual - ST2038021010
- BP GT-B Auto/Manual - ST2038021020

Subaru Auto Accessories:
S.A.A. Mirror Turn Signal Lenses Pair – Smoke Gray - SAA3050200TE
S.A.A. Mirror Turn Signal Lenses Pair – Light Blue - SAA3050200IU
S.A.A. Mirror Turn Signal Lenses Pair – Dark Blue - SAA3050200PM
S.A.A. Mirror Turn Signal Lenses Pair – Red - SAA3050200UL
S.A.A. High Flow Air Filter (Made by ACDelco) - SAA3230200

Subaru of England:
17" 5 Spoke Alloy Wheel – Silver - 2811AE011K
17" 5 Spoke Alloy Wheel – Gold - 2811FE020K
Cargo Step Panel – ABS Plastic (BP Wagon) - E771EAG000
Air Filtration – Pollen/Dust Filter - 72880AG000
Dual Storage Center Console Box – Black - J2010AG000JC
Dual Storage Center Console Box – Ivory - J2010AG000WA
BP Overhead Console (Does not fit models with Sunroof) - J2010AG100
BP Deep Cargo Tray (Bed liner for the wagon) - J511EAG100
BL (Sedan) Rooftop Carrier (Crossbars) - E361EAG200

## - Designates necessary color code for painted parts.
Atlantic Blue Pearl = BE
Regal Blue Pearl = BH
Champagne Gold Opal = GA
Obsidian Black Pearl = VW
Garnet Red Pearl = RO
Brilliant Silver Metallic = TE
Satin White Pearl = WH
Arctic White Pearl = WZ (JDM Only Color!!)

USDM Parts: Can be ordered from your local dealer. (2005+ model in U.S.)
JDM Parts: Can be ordered from: (2004+ model in Japan)
EDM Parts: Can be ordered from: (2004+ model in UK)

Others with more part numbers feel free to post them here.

Some additions - RClark0032
Gaskets :

44022AA150 - T Inlet UpPipe gaskets
44022AA170 - M R: UpPipe gaskets
44022AA180gaskets Turbo to downpipe
44022AA020 gaskets Exh. manifold header
44022AA160 gaskets Crossover

11126AA000 GSKT - Drain Plug
44011AE01A - Mufflers and the Ypipe gasket

Random part numbers:

J2010AG001## - Armrest Extension with Additional Storage – Black
C8110SA020 – pedals install kit
E721SAG000XX Spoiler,
E3610AS190 Kayak Carrier Kit
E3610AS890 Ski/Kayak/Roof Bskt. Mtg. Clamps (Round Cross Bars)
E3610AS181 Cross Bar Set, Round
E3610AS940 Bike Attachment (Hitch Mounted)
E3610AS790 Ski Attachment, 6 pair Kit
E3610AS820 Ski Attachment Mtg. Clamps (Flat Cross Bars)
E3610AS802 Bike Attachment 1
E3610AS810 Bike/Kayak/Roof Bskt. Mtg. Clamps (Flat Cross Bars)
E361SSA100 Fork-Mounted Bike Carrier 2
E3610LS430 Front Wheel Holder
F541SAG000 Moonroof Air Deflector
F551SAG500 Compartment Separator/Dog Guard w/Moonroof
F551SAG000 Cargo Net, Rear
F551SAG100 Cargo Net, Rear Side Compartment (2) each
F551SAG200 Cargo Net, Rear Seat Back 3
H711SAG000 Security System Upgrade (Perimeter Alarm)
J501SAG050JD Rear Cargo Tray, Off Black
J501SAG050WB Rear Cargo Tray, Ivory
J2010AG000JD Center Armrest Extension, Off Black
L101SAG000 Trailer Hitch
SOA787V100 Cooler/Warmer
SOA303N100 Cargo Area Spotlight
SOA868V9500 Severe Weather Companion
H630SAG000 Subwoofer/Amplifier
E231SAG000 Hood Protector (Non-Turbo?)
E231SAG200 Hood Protector (Turbo?)
SOA342L305 Front Bumper Guard
E7710AS105 Bumper Corner Molding-Rear (2 pair)
J501SAG000 Floor Mats, All Weather
T3010YS010 Wheel Locks (Alloy Wheels)
C8110SA000 Metal Pedal Pad Set M/T - STI
C8110SA010 Metal Pedal Pad Set A/T - STI
E1010AG010 Side Sill Plate – STI
36024FA010 WRX Pedals Pad Clutch Brake Pedal
36024FA000 WRX Pedals Pad Accel Pedal

909130051 popits
H501SAG100 home link mirror
66060AG07A OEM Navigation bezel
E361SAG300 Extended Roof Cargo Carrier
010110200 h-brace bolts (the ones you remove in order to swap the front swaybar)

56410AG06A – Under tray for the GT
95011AG61AJC – SpecB dead pedal
28111AG090 - Spec-B 18" Wheel
28821SA040 - Subaru Logo Wheel Center Cap
28811AC110 – Subaru center wheel cap
83002AG490 - The illumination control "roller"
800910340 - Uppipe studs
14459AA460 - intercooler to throttle tube
34311AG23AJC – SpecB Steering Wheel
83153AG000 - Satellite controls fro steering wheel
E2610AG000## - Rocker Panel Trim
800410020 – Flywheel screws - 8 Required
34311AG13AJC - Black Leather Momo steering wheel 2005 LGT (no controls)
86201AG61A - Complete stereo and dual zone climate control assembly
85021AG49A - Instrument panel
85201AG020 – Clock

14025AA22A – Stock engine cover
84912AG271 - EDM rear wagon fog lamp
84963AG000 - EDM rear wagon fog lamp resistor
83002AG070 - Outback w/VDC switch with VDC button
30100AA810 - Clutch Disc
30210AA550- Pressure Plate
30502AA120 - Throw -Out Bearing
12345AA010- Flywheel

91121AG12A – Stock grill
031432000 – Snap ring for shifter rod
35035KA010 – bushing for shifter rod
85021AG51A - Instrument Cluster - Metric in km/h - 05 Legacy GT MT Canadian model
85207AG111 - Clock/Trip meter - Metric - Displays temperature in Celsius and L/100km for gas mileage
901000252 Is the bolt at the top of the Cusco brace
901000110 Is the bolt at the bottom of the Cusco brace

902350006 is the nut for that bolt.
14459AA340 Turbo inlet
93073AG560 - Spec B Emblem:
15194AA110 - Banjo Bolt for the turbo (Called a union screw by SOA)
803910050 – Washer for 15194AA110 (Called a gasket by SOA):
14459AA60 - Duct assembly (IC to throttle body tube)
16272AA001 - TVG to block gaskets
22310AC270 - Hose Ay-vac cont (The part highlighted in the picture above)
14471aa130 – stock BOV

803926070 - manual transmission oil drain washer/gasket
26300AG000/26300AG001 – Front rotor
26700AE080 – rear rotor
93073AG560 - Spec B Lettermark includes "Legacy & Spec B"
93073AG160 - Subaru letermark –
010108300 - Bolt used to attach intercooler (3 total...2 to turbo, 1 to brace)

2006 Spec B Suspension Part Numbers (Provided by Renick Motorsports)
Struts and Springs:

20310AG400 - Front RH Strut
20310AG410 - Front LH Strut
20320AG000 - Front Strut Mount (2) needed
20322AG010 - Front Strut Dust Cover (2) needed (or reuse OEM)
20323AG000 - Front Spring Seat (2) needed (or reuse OEM)
20330AG720 - Front Coil Spring (2) needed (or reuse OEM / add aftermarket)
20365AG260 - Rear Shock Absorber (2) needed
20370AE000 - Rear Strut Mount (2) needed (or reuse OEM)
20372AE000 - Rear Shock Dust Cover (2) needed (or reuse OEM)20375AE000 - Rear Rubber Spring Seat (2) needed (or reuse OEM)
20380AG540 - Rear Coil Spring (2) needed (or reuse OEM / add aftermarket)

Aluminum Arms:

20202AG160 - Front RH Control Arm
20202AG170 - Front LH Control Arm
20252AG021 - Rear RH Trailing Arm
20252AG031 - Rear LH Trailing Arm
20250AG000 - Rear Forward Lateral Link (2) needed
20250AG030 - Rear RH Upper Lateral Link
20250AG040 - Rear LH Upper Lateral Link

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