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Originally Posted by direavenger View Post
rao, how many miles do you normally drive in 3 months? If the miles/OCI is low, we need to compare the filter to someone who has done extended OCI's for awhile. edmundu comes to mind...

Here's my oil history of my 05 GT\MT5

New. SOA filter & oil 4000 miles
1st. change till 30k, Mobil1 5w-30 every 6000 miles \ filter every 3000 miles
30k to pressent [68k] Amsoil 0w-30 series 2000 severe service synthetic oil & Amsoil EA0-020 oil filter every 15k.

This car has seen so far, 50 run down the drag strip & 100 miles round trip to work, and it's only 20 mos. old. Has over 68k on her.

My GT has always used alittle oil. SOA oil; just under a 1\4 qt. in 4k
Mobil1 oil; just under a 1\2 gt. in 6k
Amsoil oil; just under a 3\4 15k

I'll try to check those banjo filters this weekend. I will just get rid of them all togther. If I trust Amsoil's oil & filter for 15k oil \ filter change. I can trust Amsoil to keep my turbo working just fine. Without those little filters. And remember, even dirty oil is better then no oil. I think the little filters have to go.