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Originally Posted by magnetic1 View Post
Couple of notes Clint:

You can do one man bleeding without Speedbleeders (which I dont like either). Something like a Motive Power Bleeder would work here.

Also, Im inclined to say that autoX cars do not need to be bled that much. Youre never going to get the fluid anywhere near boiling points in that application. Get a high quality fluid and it will last a pretty good amount of time. The GS610 fluid we carry is more dense and adds slightly to the pedal feel.

On the actual bleeding: Avoid pumping the pedal really hard. You want to keep the bubbles as large as possible so you can see them. If you pump the brakes fast/hard, you turn those into little tiny ones.

The car should be OFF.

Also be sure to clean the reservior area.
I think I mentioned the pressure or vacuum bleeders, but it's good to put emphasis on it.

I am not familiar with the GS610 - can you PM me some info? We do ATE or RBF600 on the cars here that we work on.