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rao 05-22-2007 10:30 AM

HOW TO - 2.5GT Turbo Oil Supply Banjo Bolt Filter Removal
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After much discussion, it turns out that there are TWO filters inside of the banjo bolts that are at the entrance to the oil feed pipes - one on the driver's side that goes to the AVCS solenoid and one on the passenger's side that feeds the AVCS solenoid and the turbo oil feed.

Towards the end of this post people discussed accessing this bolt for cleaning the filter and/or replacing it. Someone posted a great idea and I decided to consolidate the procedure in one post.

I removed the Bolt, removed the filter and put it all back together in about 30 minutes. Turns out that it is not hard to do at all. I didn't have time to try to tackle the driver's side bolt, but that one is of less concern.

Tools -

10mm wrench or 1/4" drive socket
14mm deep socket
14mm regular socket
Universal joint for the 14mm regular socket
17mm shorty wrench
Magnetic pick up (you are going to need it)

Make sure the engine is cold - you will be very intimate with portions of it.


1. Remove the engine cover
2. Remove one of the heat shield bolts as shown in the picture
3. Remove the nut from the stud as shown in the picture
4. Remove the bolt from the bracket as shown in the picture. This is the hardest part because you can't get a good angle at it. Use the u-joint.
5. Remove the bracket itself
6. Remove the Banjo bolt. Use the 17mm shorty and take your time. Be careful with the washers and not that a few drops of oil WILL leak out onto the up-pipe.
7. Remove the filter. Be careful or you will break it.
8. Install the banjo bolt and washers. Do not overtighten.
9. Replace everything else.

Depending on your turbo and wastegate actuator the job might be easier or harder.

My filter had absolutely nothing in it (22k miles).

The car seems to drive much better, plus I am now richer AND better looking In fact several ladies approached me right after I completed the job - interesting.....

The pictures are the best I could do. The are is very hard to see, let alone photograph.

I bet I could do another one in around 20m minutes; NC crew I WILL be charging for this - no freebies.

I hope this helps people.

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