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projectrally 11-01-2006 07:33 AM

will my RS stainless brakelines fit?
Hey all,

I'm very likely picking up my 05 LGT wagon 5MT tonight. My biggest complaint with the car is the grossly inadequate brake system they put on the car. I started thinking about the brakes, and I remembered that I have a set of Goodridge stainless steel braided brake lines I bought for my 99 RS. I never installed them, and they're sitting in the original box in my basement. I can't see why they wouldn't fit, provided they're the right length. Does anyone know if they will or won't fit?

If they do fit, are there any reasons I shouldn't use them? Thanks,


sutter2k 11-01-2006 07:43 AM

Don't think front will fit. 10mm on lgt caliper (7 or 8mm or imprezza front?).

edmundu 11-01-2006 08:22 AM

Long rant ahead! Skip down for cliff notes...

Having had the stocker's, and now over a year on STI Brembo's, I can assure you the stock LGT brake hardware are very good! Notice I said hardware, meaning the caliper's & rotor's. The pads are junk, and with just a simple pad change, you will transform the brakes!

I bore this out, because just recently I had been exhibiting "warped rotor's", or pulsations whenever I applied the brakes from a higher speeds. I at 1st thought it was pad deposits, but with my Ferodo ds2500's high temp abilities, I was beginning to think it may just be an issue with the rotor's...

Well, I looked at the outer pads, and they had 2-3mm. I continued to drive, but I decided to "clean off" the pad deposits via "spirited braking", I then would get a flashing light of the parking brake symbol on the dash, huh? Well, this only turns on when fluid is low, so I looked and it was, but I know I don't have a must mean my pads are more worn than what I see from the outer pads indicating.

I pull the wheel, and sure enough, the inner pads are GONE! I mean GONE, one of them was down to the thickness of a piece of paper!!! Literally! I didn't have time to order pads, so I picked up what I could find....Autozone Duralast Gold! In semi-metallic! I do the changeout, and then proceed to bedding them in.

Well, they are not Ferodo's, but surprisingly they aren't that bad either! They feel more squishy, but can stop quite well. They also are spent after just 2 high speed stops.(The ferodo's were able to do 4-5). With winter fast approaching, I'll keep these on, and then replace them come spring time.

I understand that I didn't do this on stock brake hardware, however, being that I was using even higher grade hardware and exhibited the same type of symptom's, proves it was all in the pads:icon_bigg .

Cliff Notes: Stock brakes become excellent when the appropriate pad is selected!

OT: I don't believe the RS lines will work. However, any lines from the '02-on WRX/STI will, at least for the front. the rears will be '05-on LGT specific.

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