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cavemanauto 03-27-2013 09:17 AM

97 LGT with jdm 2.5 p0400 egr code
Hi all, ok so I picked this car up about 8 months ago for a steal. As the PO was not able to make it run proper,

It has a jdm ej25 na but also no egr,
I know of tapping and drilling the head and use the north American intake but that's not an option as I don't have it, its in the car and untilled I do a clutch its staying there lol.

The issue is I'm setting a p0400 egr code, and as its non flashable Ecu and iI can't eliminate the code that way, I was curious if there was a band aid repair for it, the code deals with rasabal nit hard part fault. I fixed that one with installing a solinoid. As long as its plugged in no code. But the 400 deals with insaficiant flow. That's moniterd by watching for o2 movement timed with the valve opening.

How do I or even can I get around this?

And any idea if it pulls timing if its set?

Thanks for any insight!

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