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Dubz 03-24-2013 06:38 PM

Cleaning out your Legacy? Secret loose change spots
I always like to keep the inside of my legacy clean. I cleaned out under the seats the first day I got it and the dealership I got it from missed a few things. If you need any extra loose change? Be sure to check in the places I found.

Push the driver's seat forward all the way and pump the seat height as high as itll go so you can get at it the easiest.

Use a flashlight and check in the spots marked below. Just take your finger and lift up the square flaps in the carpet on both sides.

Just fish in the spots with your fingers and pick up any coins you find. Be sure to check between the seat adjuster rails and in the covers where the seats bolt to the floor. Do the same with the passenger seat (the only thing is that sides harder to get at since that seat cannot move up or slide forward as far as the driver's seat does. Slide the seats back all the way and try and do the same.

I found wrappers, coins, leaves, and even pieces of glass in these holes in the carpet. I vacuumed out the rest and it picked up even more than I could reach. Even the first day I brought my car I cleaned between the seats and found things the dealership missed. Cleaning it out I had a clue of how the previous owners used my car.

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