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finse 12-23-2012 05:27 PM

STi swap and side feed fuel rails
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I'm currently in the middle of doing the STi manifold swap. I got an 08 Sti manifold, it bolts up perfectly to my LGT sidefeed TGV's. The question I have is about the fuel rail specifically.

In the first pic, you can see how the left hand side rail it very close to the bottom bolt hole on the STi manifold. AKLGT's pic shows this being removed

The second pic shows the mounting bracket for the right side rail clearly interfering with the manifold.

So my question to those of you who have done this, how did you approach this issue? Did you mount the fuel rails towards the center of the manifold or just cut off the brackets and let it float?

finse 12-26-2012 04:53 PM

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This thread did not gain much traction. But there is nothing worse then researching, finding your question asked and no replies. This is what I have done so far, I won't be able to complete the work until tomorrow (it's damned cold in Denver today).

I finally determined what was going on the the picture of AKLGT's swap. I went a different route.

1) on the right rail, I have removed the braket that mounts up to the plastic manifold.
2) on the left rail, I will be bending the other mount out of the way (it touches the sti manifold just under the throttle body.
3) I took at least two mm off of both of the extruded/threaded mounts for the STi rails. They have been filed down and the threads cleaned up. Lastly, I have built two custom relocation brakets. They mount to the STi manifold rail threads (or whats left of them) and relocate a bolt to the LGT sidefeed rails. Overall, the solution feels very solid.

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