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TacitBlue 12-15-2012 04:45 AM

Turbo Reccomendations
Gotta' question, but first the issue:

My 08 was a blast on the street - just sneeze and it was boosting like mad! (WRX) It was boardline too quick to spool because as soon as it was boosting, at 5000rmps the smile on my face turned into dissapointment.

Wen't to a VF48 and a FMIC, and all that instant boost was gone - but it'd pull way past 5000rpms and all the way to redline. Ok, maybe the FMIC was too large and gave some lag, a lot down low. So I decided to ditch the FMIC for a PW TMIC and took about 400rmps off of spool up time. Very pleased with the PW TMIC. But still I'm long for the instant boost of the td04.

I kow I'll never get it back and still pull to redline with a bigger turbo. So my question is this: What turbo will spool like a small'ish VF48 but yield more midrange and will yield more top end at the same time?

I have a brand new Blouch TD05 8cm 20G gathering dust in the basement. And I'm getting the itch to throw it in, but only if I don't lose anymore low end boost... I can live with what I have at lowend, but the VF doesn't hold to redline without tapering down, even though its worlds better than the TD04 which died around 5000rmps.

Will the td05 20G pull down low like a VF but give more mid and high-end gains? If I sell the 20G, what would be (is there?) a better choice?

I have all supporting mods: intake, BCS, injectors, turboback, ect ect... The saying is true, "You will always want more!"

HAMMER DOWN 12-15-2012 05:37 AM

If you didn't read this, A good place to start.

As small turbos & FMIC go. I run VF-40 with RacerX FMIC. I hit almost 17psi at 2800rpm. This for me works very well on the street. Theirs no prefect turbo, some say, 18g is a good compromise, but if you're going to pay for fueling. Mite as well go 20g. Because we all now power is one down shift away.


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