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nico i wrx u 12-12-2012 04:52 PM

1986 Subaru LEONE STi TURBO
1986 Subaru GL-10 Turbo AKA Leone (italiano)

we start of with a stock 1986 Subaru GL-10 FWD TURBO orig 28,000kms 17398.miles. weight is 910kg 2002lb car !!

the parts car for awd and 5x100 86 xt6

so what we have hear is to add the 4WD system into one of these cars, those are 20MM sway bars, above the sway bars is what holds the diff, about that is a mix and match of old and new to hold the STi 6mt, above that is a updated version of control arms to hold the 5x100 knuckle.

rear axle XT6 for the R180 3.900, there is a trick to these where i mix the outer with the new style inners to run a R180. or i could just stay light weight and put a R160 in it.

cusco motor tranny mnt

ARP head studs, Cam & Crank sensor new oem


just got a little eye candy from Jon at full race coming soon !!

Well got half the brakes sorted out for the project

so got a little oem new parts in today xt6 wheel bearings, xt6 steering tie rod, mustache bar bushings, and new diff support. also have 2006 wrx 2pot rear backing plates, but i sent them out to a friend's machine shop to make a ring for the centering ring

new turbo set up full race twin scroll

nico i wrx u 12-13-2012 08:55 PM

so parts list is
VER 8 Sti complete
Vi-PEC V88
EXEDY ?? dont know yet maybe multi plate to hold the power
SPARCO seats: maybe, kind of want it stock but need support lol
Rims: gc8 and volk jdm if i can find them
Tire's : RACE SLICK lol for evey day haha !!
new rotor pads that wont stop this much power to weight lol
my rear control arms, that me and my dad had to make a tool becuase no one on the plant has one lol
little thermal coat so then i can wrap them
got some tubes to make my wastegate pipes longer away from everything

Little powder coat action

Got my 2006 wrx backing plates all fixed up so they can fit on the hub the xt6 hubs as instructed from Suberdave !

So I went and picked up a Jdm spec c version 8 (maybe type RA?) motor swap Ej207DW7ER TY856WB6JA for heads and tranny diff and way ever else I need to twist my leone in to pretzel lol

Also I was driving to see the boys at Nvauto and I seen a gc impreza on top of another car scrap yard ! so I found the rims I wanted for a steal 250. So I sent them out to the sand blasters to get ready for the powder coating. I'm thinking world rally blue color for the rims

started stripping for what i need

EJ22T built bottom end, JDM EJ207 STi Version 8 Type RA heads all oem !

finished wrapping my headers and turbo

and got my PURPLE KUSH rims back from the powder coaters, two more sets to do with other crazy colours

nico i wrx u 12-13-2012 09:03 PM

EJ22T built bottom end, JDM EJ207 STi Version 8 Type RA heads all oem

test fit my full race twin scroll kit

also so i just got this hood in what should i put on it ? what type of vents ? side ones or scoop it or cut it and make vents up the middle

some thing like this and a scoop ?

also got the sti key to work, i went to home depot cut the key and it worked perfect

Exedy twin plate HD is ready for the power

HSD coilovers are here with extra rear mounts


The Subaru Gods said Let there be ROCK ! AC/DC DC/AC DCCD control :cool: !!!

factory gl-10 flares

well well well look what has the same shape as the gl-10 !!! do i see 245 45 16 in the future ?

also a sneak peek at my military grade aviation 1 plug engine harness plug which connects my subaru tecnico international built EJ22T motor to the V88 ViPEC ECU. Custom made by Franz diebold @ diebold autosport

nico i wrx u 12-13-2012 09:06 PM

well no room for a FMIC kit so next best thing !! AWIC..... i got a hole spare tire room for this set up, its even nice and light weight.

the rad which will be mounted like this cut weld the cap off

bosch pump and cap

well my PRODCCD is in ! thanks Jeff @ PRODCCD for helping me out !! amazing high quality product cant wait to put it to good use

some whiteline race tranny mount bushings with a cusco tranny mount. this cross brace is a mix of old 1986 subaru XT6 with center section new school to make the STi 6mt fit.
all ready to go !

water cooler intercooler rad ready to go, core was pressure test also no leaks !!

well i had to get this not a super fan of gold rims but its a subaru thing and i had to ! some thing like 13lbs is a must on a light weight Leone Turbo monster !

JDM GC8 STi RAY'S TE37 5x100 16x7 ET53

well this was Franz's idea on welding the cap set up and my Tial Bov set right on the AWIC and it turned out F amazing

nico i wrx u 12-13-2012 09:08 PM

and push lock hose PARKER and fittings PARKER which cost more then the hole awic set up LOL

also this came in my new calsonic OEM 1986 subaru gl-10 turbo radiator 5mt version.

real JDM LOL

my STi clutch slave & 4 Port brake master all OEM factory brand new Subaru.

well my spal made in italy fans came in

mounted ready to drop in.

a special treat the front OEM Subaru front skirt for my car brand new ! slice the wind !

had to put it on just did it

it has started ! tomorrow drop motor tranny in start work on other things.

new clutch set up and brake cyl.. pedals in also

nico i wrx u 12-13-2012 09:09 PM

motor tranny full race in and fits perfect with out doing anything. just need to make a tranny brace its a little different but piece of cake !

i was thinking it was going to be a tight fit ! there is lots of room might put a bigger rad if the oem stock one pops !

full race twin scroll fits perfect

moved the power steering lines out a little ! all better now

clutch all ready

full race fits nice !!

STi 6mt fits perfect just need to make a brace and its good

new style pedal box in and ready need to make a gas pedal, and a bracket way up top.

.:Catalyst:. 12-14-2012 03:16 PM

Fun project - should keep posting (10) and get those wheels up for sale again Nico!

nico i wrx u 12-14-2012 05:53 PM

well this just worked out perfect ! its like subaru new i was going to stick a water pump for my AWIC set up.

Bosch 044 fuel pump, need some angle fitting and done.

rear mustache bar is ready to hold the R180 just need to make a bracket for the front of the diff and done.

well this is the tie rod problem taken care of, its simple and works perfect like !
top is xt6 legacy impreza
middle gl-10 turbo
last is whiteline new style

what you do is chop the end off so you can toe in the car like factory !

light weight knuckles ! top secret so the competition dont know !

4pot ready for action ! brembos maybe in the future but who cares really when your going to be this light and fast lol

rear just started so sunday all done.

the rear suspension is all old school up top and coilover down town, ill show how i did it very easy to do and keeps all the oem rubbers for when i pick up the ladys and its a nice soft ride !

HeLLaFLuSH for all you pimping OG's out there !....... these wheels are just to roll it out the shop on monday ! i like to go HELLaFAST LOL.

bed time

well rear is all done suspension knuckles and rims tires

wurkenman 12-14-2012 08:18 PM

Looks like it will be a fun toy.

PeterJMC 12-14-2012 08:49 PM

Great first post! Welcome to the site. I'm looking forward to the progress of your project.

monkeyposeur 12-15-2012 06:47 PM

Holy smokes! That is awesome! Thanks for posting your project up.

lee07 12-15-2012 07:44 PM

Wow, Total sleeper. How much already in parts? 4k?

BAC5.2 12-15-2012 07:56 PM

Wow! Nico is not a name I've heard for many years. I hope everything is going well, and I can't wait to see this thing come together.

nico i wrx u 12-15-2012 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by BAC5.2 (Post 4205810)
Wow! Nico is not a name I've heard for many years. I hope everything is going well, and I can't wait to see this thing come together.

Omg is that Phil legacy central days !! Man I'm good same old nothing new but this old Subaru I picked up and decide to build it.

How you been man ? No more real real legacy turbo :) ?


Originally Posted by lee07 (Post 4205804)
Wow, Total sleeper. How much already in parts? 4k?

Lol ya a bit under cover, but price is very very high in


Originally Posted by monkeyposeur (Post 4205746)
Holy smokes! That is awesome! Thanks for posting your project up.

Thanks man it's moving along nicely now


Originally Posted by PeterJMC (Post 4204622)
Great first post! Welcome to the site. I'm looking forward to the progress of your project.

Thank you ! I joined along time ago but never real came on. The Subaru world sure has exploded into allot of people now.

and my amazing light weight battery came in and its in my winter beater to keep it warm for when the Leone is done

my old school momo hub found in germany !!!

flowmaster hush muffler !! only thing that can fit on this little car !

this is what my tip will look like after i weld it all up. but with a foot of pipe in the middle of the two.

my pipe 3' 304 polished

support for the front lip, oem subaru

put them on

Franz crazy at work on my wiring, this is only half the paper work on my stuff.

and the pin porn for the wiring he is doing for my hole car !

r180 read for service !

my brand new Bosch 044, these fittings are from the UK for the ford cosworth ! who would have guessed the Leone had the same set up !!

nico i wrx u 12-15-2012 10:07 PM

my hsd front camber plates came in ! thank you JRP for letting me do what i had to do to get my suspension all sorted out !!.

the front is a bit to low, which will come up after corner balance and aliment get worked out. i wouldnt want the honda crowd thinking i want to race lol.

i didnt want to add this but i need a bigger opening or else i could not use 2nd 4th 6th or R gear !.. so STi plate with boot, just waiting for the bolts to come in now.

AWIC pipes and other bits which is moving along nice and smooth. couple back order stuff which is killing me ! summer is all most done.

clutch line made fluid and bled, ready to go

this picture is just crazy all in its self !!! it makes me not even want to drive this car and put it away for another 26years !!!!

Franz Diebold wiring Diebold Autosport ! its just so beautiful i am speechless !! thank you Franz.

shifter plate is all done bolts in.

my LC1 is ready to auto tune and get me going till Franz comes and really dials it in

and the diff is mounted in ready to go

the bracket my father made extra strong so the diff dont end up down the street LOL

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