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SurlyOldManMN 12-06-2012 04:24 PM

MN: Yucatan Winter Safari TSD Road Rally
The wha?
The Yucatan Winter Safari is an SCCA sanctioned TSD road rally run through the hardwood forests of SE Minnesota, beginning and ending at the Plaza Hotel in Winona, MN. I have a thread with general information up on I can duplicate it here if you folks want but I figure it's just as easy to shoot you over there:

The rally master (Clarence Westberg) has offered to conduct an introductory driver's session prior to registration if there is enough interest.

These are fun as hell and I strongly encourage you to come check out either this or another local winter TSD rally.

Here is a video of leg 10 from last year's Yucatan to give you an idea of the types of roads and pace you can expect:

And the "lolsurprise!" short leg 7, filmed with a potato:

Here's the full course from last year:
Day Sections
Night Sections

Entry Fees/Schedules:
Entry Fee: $45 for SCCA members $50 for non members
Start: Plaza Inn, Winona, MN
Registration: 10:11:30
First Car Out: 12:01
Finish: 8-9PM

Useful Links/Contact Info:
Rally Master:
Clarence Westberg
(952) 381-2759

Facebook Page
Event Website
General Instructions
Temporary Event Flier

Please post up here if you're interested in running and would like to coordinate a driver/codriver. I'm more than happy to try to help people connect!

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