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coldsubycz 11-09-2012 12:23 AM

New Perrin Engine Mounts vs. Group N
I'm going to be doing a new suspension soon and thought since the car is going to be "up" might as well do some tightening of the engine/transmission.

Doing some reading/research and found that Perrin as developed there own engine and transmission mounts. So I was curious what peoples opinions are and if anyone has tried these out even though they've only been out for a few weeks. And also what people think about possible NVH differences between the Perrin and Group N mounts.

Perrin blog about the new mounts:

Perrin sales page (I know, a little spendy):

coldsubycz 11-09-2012 03:40 PM

I sent Perrin an e-mail last night about their new mounts. This is what I got back:

Dear Perrin,

I'm looking at tightening up my motor and transmission now that I've added a significant amount of power to my 05 Subaru Legacy GT. I was all set to go with Group N mounts but then found out about the new Perrin mounts. Have some questions that I hope you can answer!

Part numbers I'm interested in:
Engine mounts - PSPDRV050
Trans mount - PSPDRV150

1.) These will work in my 05 Legacy GT, correct? My GT is an EJ engine. Just want to make sure :) as the 05-09 Legacy GT was not listed on the "compatibility" page.
Both parts will work on the 2005-2009 LGT, I'll notify my web guys that a correction needs to be made.

2.) Would you say these are the same NVH level as the Group N or maybe a little more or less?
NVH will be about the same to a little less than Group N.

3.) Do you have both the engine and transmission mounts in-stock?
Yes we have both in stock.

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