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joeblow 11-04-2012 07:59 PM

FS/FT (MI): White Rays 57U 18x8.5 +48, 5x100 w/ BFG KDW Tires
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I'm getting bored of these and looking for something new and sexy, so I'm putting these up for sale. $1600 takes them home. Shipping is on the buyer unless we come to an agreement. Not in any particular hurry to sell as they're off the car for the winter.

The important parts:
Rays 57 Ultimate
18x8.5 5x100 +48 56.15 hub bore (direct Subie fitment, no centric rings required)
Custom White powder coat
BFGoodrich KDW2 T/A tires 235/35/18 (within .1" of OEM diameter so your speedo will be virtually spot on).

As a whole, the faces of all 4 are practically flawless for white wheels with 7500 miles on them. There are a few nicks in the powdercoat on 3 of the 4 and a few blemishes from tar and crap on white wheels. I cleaned them up as best as I could, and I'm sure a little more elbow grease will take care of that. The tires still have tons of life on them. The KDWs are known for long life for a summer performance tire.

One of the wheels met up with a chunk of road in a construction zone and has some rash on the inside of it, as noted in the picture. That took a chunk out of the sidewall of the tire, so that had to be replaced (all 4 tires are still within the 2/32" spec). That wheel has the crap that discount used to mount the tire still on the inside of it (again, some elbow grease will get rid of most of it, but it's on the inside, so it's not a big deal). Some of the powdercoat got taken off with the wheel weights when they rebalanced that wheel after replacing the tire.

A little bit about these wheels in particular. They are custom everything for Subaru fitment. Specific hub bore, specific bolt pattern, specific offset. They weigh 18.5 pounds, which is really light for an 18x8.5. Only 2 sets of these in WRX fitment made it to the US that I'm aware of, and Ravspec sold them both over a year ago, so you'll probably not see another set of these on a Subaru. I took home "Most Baller Wheels" at the Midwest Stance Car Show this summer with these wheels. If you do a google image search, my exact wheels pop up on the first page.

The wheels were $400/ea, powder coat was $50/ea, and the tires run about $175/ea. Throw in the mounting and balancing and this is a $2500+ set up. I also have some red Work Lugs I can throw in if I get my asking price of $1600.

And now the long awaited pics.
Pic 1 & 2- All 4 (the paper includes all the screen names I use on the various Subie forums)

Pic 3- Close up of one

Pic 4- Here's where the chunk of rock bit the inside lip and the crap Discount used to mount the tire

Pic 5- Wheel size

Pic 6-Here's the replaced tire

Pic 7- And where the rest of them are

Drift Motion 11-04-2012 10:13 PM

wanna do straight trade for my 17x7 rotas?



joeblow 11-05-2012 08:40 AM

Tempting. I'll have to think that one over...


c-lo 11-05-2012 02:06 PM

joeblow these pics are not allowed. you must use the manage attachment tool to load your rules.

joeblow 11-05-2012 02:18 PM

I keep getting a security error when I try to upload them

c-lo 11-05-2012 02:20 PM

perhaps they are too large?

claymore_6r 11-05-2012 02:29 PM

Yes they are too large as I tried to do the same. Edit the image and shrink it then you're able to post it. Would love to see the pics!

joeblow 11-05-2012 02:35 PM

Pics are updated. I can provide some of them mounted on either my LGT or my WRX if anyone needs.

slim101 11-06-2012 07:36 AM

free bump, sick wheels bro wish i had the money for them i would so get them! glws

joeblow 11-12-2012 06:25 PM

Bump them to the top.

Feel free to make an offer. The worst I can do is say no.

joeblow 11-16-2012 08:53 PM

Knocked $100 off bump

famaya26 11-16-2012 10:18 PM

Good looking wheels! :wub: sucks that I'm poor :( :lol:

GLWS man, hopefully someone picks these up soon

joeblow 01-06-2013 09:20 PM

2 months later price drop bump.

Also interested in potential trades. Looking for something 9-9.5" wide with a +38-42 offset depending on width.

joeblow 01-13-2013 09:57 AM

Anyone interested? I'm willing to separate wheels and tires.

joeblow 01-30-2013 01:32 PM

Tax returns are coming. Skip the Rotas and get some legit JDM wheels with tires for about the same price.

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