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Euphya 10-10-2012 09:21 PM

05' Legacy GTL CEL question
So I just picked up a 2005 Legacy GTL at a used dealership and everything seemed perfect. As life goes, 30 miles after driving it off the lot the check engine light came on steady and cruisse control started blinking. I wasn't driving too crazy or anything so I doubt I caused the problem and suspect the dealership had disconnected the battery.

I took it into autozone and run the codes and it popped up with four possibilities.

1. Low or dirty motor oil

2. Blocked oil passage

3. Timing belt misalignment

4. Failed AVCS solenoid

I just put 6,500$ cash down on the car and almost broke the bank doing so. I am going to get a oil change tomorrow but in the meantime I am very nervous that one of the other two problems could be the issue and they don't sound cheap.

I have no idea what 3 and 4 mean and what the likelihood of those being the issues are. Can't someone please explain them, potential cost, seriousness of problem and what the likelihood of it being that issue.

I am trying to mentally prepare for the worst but its hard when I'm not sure what the worst holds for me.

Thank you all in advance.


Gex 10-10-2012 09:26 PM

What code... Use the search function... Take car back to dealer...

Max Capacity 10-11-2012 07:39 AM

Don't you have a 30 day warranty ?

Make them fix it.

What was the code ?

dingbang 10-11-2012 07:54 AM

Sounds like they made sure to clear the codes before you drove it and before you took it off the lot...dirty.

AZP Installs 10-11-2012 10:52 AM

That's awful. What code number? Also I would return it and make them fix it.

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BarManBean 10-11-2012 11:52 AM

As others have said, take it back. Many codes don't pop up right away, some can take a couple hundred miles before that pop back up after being cleared.

The dealer likely cleared them and the car was (lucky for them) not driven enough before you purchased the car to have the codes pop back up.

iNVAR 10-11-2012 11:55 AM

bring it back, period.

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