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LegacyDan 09-24-2012 03:59 PM

Kstech megamaf
Looking for the best intake to go for when i upgrade the turbo and it seems like the kstech ones are a popular choice. and works well with the turboxs fmic ill be getting. i might go over the capability of the stock maf one so im curious is the 73mm maf one a bolt on kit or do i need to use a 3" turbo inlet aswell? I currently have the stock sized Perrin turbo inlet pipe, and i just want to make sure it will work ok with that.



CapnJack 09-24-2012 06:26 PM

When you order your 73mm intake from KStech, you are given the option to choose what sized turbo inlet pipe you are using. IIRC, Perrin is one of the options.

Get the heat shield too.

LegacyDan 09-25-2012 01:31 AM

It lists a 3" Perrin one but as far as I know they are not 3". I'll measure it up but I think its closer to 2.4"

CapnJack 09-26-2012 06:07 PM

Don't be afraid to send them an email to ask. They were VERY responsive to me when I ordered mine!

LegacyDan 09-27-2012 03:00 PM

thanks for the info, he has already mailed me back about it and FYI the 3" refers to the inlet on the turbo, not the end the intake goes onto. Glad i cleared that up, as all the stock turbos have 2.4" inlets!

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