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Inspector Gadget 09-19-2012 09:31 PM

I (no longer) need a clutch for my 05 LGT
I'm pretty easy on a clutch, so I'm a little bummed to be replacing my clutch at 118,000 miles. I need a clutch for my 2005 LGT and, based on JDMChizad's recommendation, I am looking for a single mass flywheel and the rest of the appropriate clutch parts. After reading m sprank's thread about not driving too far on a clutch that's on its way to the graveyard, I may (will?) also need a TSK-3 T/O bearing.

Other than an AccessPort, my car is pretty much stock, so I don't need a super high performance clutch. What are the chances you've got what I need sitting on your workbench?

Inspector Gadget 10-18-2012 12:22 PM

$518.83 shipped . . . .
Solid Autoworks installed the Exedy FJK1001FW kit for me yesterday and I have a couple early observations:
For what I thought was a more heavy duty clutch than the OEM unit, I am surprised by the light pedal effort. Granted, part of my perception of the light pedal effort is no doubt due to the fact that my throw-out bearing was toast. I needed the TSK3 sleeve repair T/O bearing.

Throttle response is noticeably quicker, which I would have expected.
I purchased the clutch kit from Auto Parts Sales in Denver for $518.83 including shipping; their phone number is 877-250-9672.

I'll follow up with another report after racking up some miles.

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