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jshute 09-11-2012 09:11 PM

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I currently have 2 VF40 turbo's from a 2005 legacy GT.

1 spins freely but has broken compressor fan blades.

1 does not spin freely.

I intend on rebuilding them as oem and selling them here of on ebay. I am willing if some one wants them as a core for rebuild or upgrade to a bnr, blouch ect to sell them as is. Any interest considered I already have a VF52 so no offered to swap for different turbos.

$100 shipped each.

All sold ! Thanks!

LosAngelesLGT 09-11-2012 09:19 PM

You want $150 for ruined turbos plus shipping, each??? Yes I'm posting in your f/s thread. Part of posting threads is posting a reasonable sale price. At best they are worth $150 shipped directly to BnR as someone's core. $100 is more typical.

jshute 09-11-2012 09:32 PM

I understand that $50.00 less each may be an offer would be. That is something I will consider if some one makes an offer. It is my intent that if there is no need for some one to use these as is I will rebuild them as VF40's. A full balanced rebuild journal will be about $300 each. I no longer have a need for cores as I picked up a brand new VF52 (originally was going to use bnr or blouch) at this point my build is just about done and I don't want left overs.

Any offers would be considered, just no other turbos. But yes I would most likely accept $100 as an offer.

jshute 09-13-2012 09:03 PM

Price changed to $100 shipped each.

jshute 09-17-2012 06:35 AM

Freely spinning with chipped blades is sold.

Still have one that is seized, make an offer.

jshute 10-09-2012 11:33 PM

One Still on ava. Available bump.

jshute 10-22-2012 05:52 PM

Bump, one used whining vf40 and one with buildup on exhaust fan spins but not freely.

100 shipped for either

TheMahFromTheU 10-25-2012 08:04 AM

i may be interested in this - i emailed bnr, awaiting their response on a few questions that i need answered.

jshute 10-25-2012 03:21 PM

No problem. Let me know I would take less on the "seized one"

jshute 10-27-2012 05:41 PM

$75.00 shipped on the seized VF40 and $100 shipped for the used one that was on the car prior to VF52 upgrade.

jshute 10-31-2012 08:54 PM

Holloween bump *

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