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Justin case 09-07-2012 06:39 PM

Just went stage 2 problems
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Hey everyone,I just installed the stage 2 parts on my car (invidia UP,CNT catted DP,cheapy torx racing tmic (from a gb on nasioc) and small things like an avo TB hose, a turbo blanket and a heat shield.

Problem is I'm not making target boost. It maxes at around 14.5psi rather than 16. I'm thinking I may have a small boost leak so I datalogged in case anyone could take a look and offer some insight.

It also makes a noise,one which I think it normal turbo spooling noise like a whine. The second is what I kinda think is a leak,its more of a wooshing sound and only happens when in boost.

Justin case 09-07-2012 08:07 PM

Well this will be a short thread,I went out and started checking for leaks and couldn't find any so i decided to check out the T/B hose and vacuum lines and such. Well i loosened the clamp on the TMIC side of the tb hose and went to remove it. Apparently I didnt get the clamp tight enough on the throttle body side and it was leaking under boost. I put the stock TMIC and hose on and took it for a ride,no more noise and it made 16psi easy and even went to 17psi briefly. I made another log that I will upload later so people will have a reference of what a loose tb hose vs fixed logs will look like.

2manysubies 09-10-2012 02:01 PM

Don't feel like the "Lone-ranger", Happened to me when I put on my PW TMIC, they're clamps SUCK, ya think for a 1K TMIC, T-clamps... Anyway Glad you found your issue!


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