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ehsnils 08-14-2012 08:47 AM

Software for Tactrix OpenPort 2.0
I have made a program that communicates with the Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 dongle and communicates over the CAN Bus. There is support for one other dongle, but I doubt that anyone here has access to that.

Now I want someone to try it out and come back with comments on how to improve it.

Latest version here:

NEW! - Now there is a simulator available too:

For best support you should either have a 2008 (or later) vehicle running the ISO15765 protocol.
For other vehicles an ELM 327 (or compatible) dongle works best.

Wishlist (what I would like to get to extend the app):
  • More info on extended OBD PID:s and other OBD features.
  • Data for other vehicles than Subaru.

A few screendumps:

Gauges panel:

Large size gauge panel:

ehsnils 08-14-2012 08:50 AM

If you can make a dump of the PID list from your ECU and post it here together with car info (Model, Year etc...) it could be interesting.

My list is for my car - Legacy 2.0D.

cryo 08-14-2012 08:57 AM



MatsuDano 08-15-2012 06:22 AM


Nice job.

GTTuner 08-15-2012 06:47 AM

Ooooo, gotta try this.

ehsnils 08-15-2012 06:57 AM

Any useful knowledge regarding protocols etc. is welcome.

Protocol for download and upload of ROM is of interest.

GTTuner 08-15-2012 07:23 AM

If you brick my ECU I'm taking trip to Sweden, LMAO.

2manysubies 08-15-2012 12:11 PM

Here I thought I was reasonably savvy in the Computer software applications... That being said, could someone please offer me a translation for the first post??

Just when I thought I knew... I knew nothing!


ehsnils 08-16-2012 12:03 PM

I have now updated the application. Same link as in first post.

What's new is that I have made improvements to make it easier to use by automatically filling in some of the data.

You can run the program without connecting it to your car as long as you have a Tactrix dongle.

To get started:
  • Unzip the downloaded ZIP file into an empty directory.
  • Run the EXE-file.
  • Connect your Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 dongle.
  • On the first page select Vehicle "Subaru" and Interface "Tactrix Openport Driver" and click on "Open".
  • Default is protocol ISO15765, 500kbps and no flags. This works with my car at least! :)
  • Click on the Connect button.
  • Click on the OBD-II button. This will open a new window with a lot of tabs.
  • The "Config" and "Filter" tabs shall already be filled in with data that works.
  • Start with the "Vehicle Data" tab. It will display a lot of disabled checkboxes. By clicking on the "Get PIDs" button in the "Current Data" box the application will send a message to the ECU in the car and ask which PIDs it supports. The answer shall then enable the checkboxes for the supported PIDs.
  • Underlined PIDs defines dynamic data that varies over time like coolant temperature, engine rpm etc. and that can be plotted by using the interval setting and "Start" button in the "Plot Current Data" box after you have checked the applicable checkboxes.
  • Snapshot data can be taken by checking the desired checkboxes and clicking on the "Get Data" button.
  • The "Freeze Frame" box will only be useful if the ECU has logged any Freeze Frame data, but it works in the same way as the "Current Data" box except that the data ends up under the "Freeze Frame" tab.
  • The "DTC Handling" tab allows you to list the DTC:s that are active. (This still needs to be tested and I haven't gotten around to trigger a DTC yet on my car, so it may still show some quirks)
  • The "Vehicle Information" tab shall provide you with at least the VIN# when you click the "Get Data" button.
  • The "Test" tab is an ECU simulator that injects messages to test the application.
This shall work with at least any Subie with CAN bus in the OBD connector.

For further information about what I'm babbling about I suggest that you also look at: and (It seems to me that the persons running that site has stopped working, but there is at least some good info there.)

Anyway - if you have some knowledge that you want to share please post it here.

mazdaslo 08-20-2012 12:11 AM

and, it is time to buy a tactrix cable to help with development, and should buy you a beer for all your hard work

this feels to my cretin mind like we are getting closer to correcting the fuel economy display when larger injectors are installed

maybe more than a beer is in order

ehsnils 08-24-2012 01:30 PM

Now I have updated the application, and any information you can find is still welcome!

A lot of effort has been put into the configuration part.

New link:

It's now installing as a "normal" Windows application.

What's still missing:
  • Documentation - no user manual is written yet.
  • SSM Support (it will come)
  • Not tested on anything else than a CAN bus vehicle yet.
You don't need any hardware to access the config pages so anyone interested can take a look there and come back with suggestions.

ehsnils 08-26-2012 12:31 AM

During my digs around the internet I encountered this:

That site seems to contain some goodies in general for tuning too.

B.t.w. I also would like to see a list of devices supporting J2534, and possibly get the J2534 implementation DLL for each of them so I can add them to the supported devices of the application.

ehsnils 08-29-2012 07:11 AM

Now I have made another update to the application:

  • The CAN logger is able to create ASC files that can be loaded into Vector Canalyzer - useful for those that are has access to Canalyzer. It's not fully tested, but as they say "what can possibly go wrong?" and it's in this case the file format that may have a glitch or two.
  • Support for Extended OBD PID:s. On newer cars there are a few of those too.
  • Support for reading SSM data through the 0xA8 mode.
  • Support for SSM init and the responding capability bytes.
    If anyone has a more detailed list of the capability byte mapping than I have I would be happy to receive that info.
  • The Filter tab has received a bug fix or two.
  • Documentation is provided!
  • The plot routine has been improved, but it needs more work. At least now the X-axis is presented at zero on the Y-axis so the temperature graphs makes sense.
  • The plot routine is now also supporting three zones red, yellow and blue to allow the presentation to show when a value leaves the comfort zone. However this needs to be configured to work, only the engine coolant is configured with guesstimated values.
  • Data format can be entered for each unit on an item (PID), formats are whatever C# accepts for numeric values and are used in the output in the snapshot view.
  • Support for most of the ECU error responses and causes. Usually a pop-up is displayed when such a response is received.

  • If you check too many of the SSM items the API (or ECU) won't accept the request since the request will be too large.

DeltaNu1142 08-29-2012 07:38 AM

Maybe just update the first post with the revision history & latest rev... I almost downloaded from there.

I'm typing from my tuning laptop, so I'll download & play with it at my next opportunity & give you feedback. I'm no beta tester, but I know what I like.

ehsnils 08-29-2012 08:12 AM

OK, fixed first post.

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