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1055 07-30-2012 08:11 PM

Small block 350 in a 00' LGTL? Project/build thread..
Most Recent pictures/modlist

1055's shitbox.. 'hungry', 2000 Legacy GT Limited.






List of Modifications:

-Bugeye WRX front seats dyed black
-5" aluminum shift knob/stick
-Pioneer headunit
-single din mounted triple gauge pod

-2004 outback front bumper
-1055 Fender flares
-'Camo Tan' Flat plastidip job

-ej205 swap, 258/278 whp/wtq @ 17 psi
-Megan one piece catless turbo manifold/uppipe
-EGT delete
-TGV delete, port and polish
-OBX-r Short ram intake
-Godspeed huge FMIC
-Greddy Type RS 100% atmospheric blow off
-05 td04-13t
-Walbro 255
-4" turbo XS catless bellmouth DP
-3" turbo XS high flow cat
-3" turbo XS midpipe
-3" custom axleback/downturn
-02 wrx opensource ECU
-Zephyr wiring merge

Drivetrain/ Suspension:
-Megan street xt 32 way adjustable dampening coilovers
-22mm wrx rear swaybar
-WRX rear endlinks
-Whiteline polyurethane front swaybar bushings
-05-09 LGT pitch stop
-02 WRX motor mounts
-Solid one piece transmission mount
-Dna motoring short throw shifter
-WRX shifter bushings
-17x7.5 +13 work meister reps
-245/40/17 westlake AV-07

And so it begins! I bought my 00' LGTL in december of 2011 as a replacement for my highly modified daily wagon.

needless to say.. it was QUITE the difference to step into something of a much different caliber.

day i brought it home with 163k miles, bone stock.

first thing i did was a set of syms racing springs.

wasnt satisfied after a week and a half. I bought coilovers.

next was wheels! white brota subzeros wrapped in 225/45/17 continental contipro contact SSR's. not my favorite tires, but for the price i couldnt beat them.

then i hated the way it sounded.. so i made this exhaust.

3" cat back to a 2.5" collector to twin 2.5" pipes to two resonated tips you see here. much deeper, louder sound. my favorite subaru exhaust ive owned to date (of 8 across 3 cars).

then i had an oopsy. had my car aligned by town fair tire (who i have used multiple times..) they left the nut on the endlink loose, which subsequentially let go, ripping the lower ball joint in half and smashing my wheel up into the fender.

oh well, they paid for it! aside from being a TOTAL pain in the ass and ruining my sunday.. i got a new fender out of it.. that doesnt match 100%.

here are pictures from directly after that!

also installed a splitter during the time of replacing the fender.

it was goofy, i was unsure about it the whole time i had it on.

...all 25 hours.

some vinyls..

work mode..
I grew tired of the rake, as fun as it was and leveled it out.. tape measure and the whole deal. how it sits aesthetically now :

When i first bought it, it had a bit of piston slap for the first minute of run time. i figured no biggie, not the first noisy one and the second it reached 120* coolant temp, the slap went away. over the course of 7k miles that ive owned it, it has gotten worse. i was going to rebuild the bottom end and supercharge it.. until one day the oppurtunity came up for me to purchase a wrecked WRX. so i said **** you! supercharger (which is for sale) and here i am today.

The wrx has a stock TMIC, 4" turboxs bellmouth DP, turboXS highflow cat, and cat-back exhaust. it is stock aside from that. I will be using my stock trans/drivetrain and just utilizing the 205 and related components.

I will be starting the swap tomorrow night. wiring will be a game time decision. will most likely use the wrx harness ecu and cluster, while splicing in the options i need to (windows, seats, etc..)

I am friendly with the owner/operator of a local performance shop, and put my car on the Dyno tonight to get a baseline. it did much better than I expected!

2000 Legacy GT limited, 170,143 miles, 5 speed.

Environmental conditions:
81.59* F
30.06 in-HG
54% humidity
~46' above sea level

131.99AWHP @ 5700RPM
137.74AWTQ @ 4600RPM
12.2 AFR

I realized after i left that the print out i had only had WHP.. when i go back for my post swap dyno, i will get a reprint of both numbers.

I will be documenting the whole process with pictures and words to back. for now:

Current modifications:

Hybrid Intake
DNA motoring UEL headers
Gutted Cats
3" Custom Catback exhaust
DNA motoring short shifter
95' Neon extended shift knob
DIY grounding kit

Megan street XT coilovers, BE front top hats/megan solid mounts rear
Whiteline polyurethane front swaybar bushings
4th gen hardened pitch stop
17x7.5 Brota Subzero.. +40, wrapped in 225/45/17 continental contriprocontact SSR's
Rolled/pulled front and rear fenders.

and a pioneer head unit!

1055 07-30-2012 08:14 PM

oh and an exhaust clip..


of COURSE my damn droidX crapped out when my car was on the dyno and corrupted BOTH video attempts. oh well. next time!

it wont ******* embed!


octain11 07-30-2012 10:50 PM

subscribed =D

1055 07-31-2012 08:40 PM

started strip down today of the wrx!

2.5 hours to be ready to come out.. following it getting ****ing stuck on those godamn engine studs and me wrestling with it for 1:15, i said **** you! and went home for the night.. needed another person to seperate it, so that will get done first thing tomorrow morning and the thing will be on the bench.

heres some pictures, mostly so i remember where they go and partially so people have **** to look at while theyre bored at work.

where the fuel lines go (for me, not you.) i labled them anyways.

where all this **** goes

anyone know whats going on with this mess? i broke one of the plastic lines by looking at it, so ill be replacing it with a rubber one.

dont know why i took this one.


ready to come out.. stuck on those ****ing studs. i want to kick whatever asshat at fuji heavy industries decided they were a good idea.

and as it sits now.


octain11 07-31-2012 09:16 PM

engine looks good! that asshat at fuji is probably laughing now "stupid americans" lol

1055 07-31-2012 09:54 PM

yeah i think i realized what is going on. well see, if so.. i will post my oopsy in the AM

1055 08-01-2012 08:43 AM

Forgot the fork release pin as i suspected. What a stupid design with a 6mm bolt. I broke 3 heads off beforr the pin slid out. Motor is out and on the hoist. step 2 tonight is to gut the interior and pull the harness..

octain11 08-01-2012 09:34 AM

i heard the harness is really fun :p good luck haha, pics of progress!

1055 08-01-2012 10:51 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Just patiently waiting ...

1055 08-01-2012 08:02 PM

forgot to take a before, before picture. i got busy cleaning.. and the car's interior is actually in pretty good shape!

then i realized i was supposed to take pictures. this harness pull is turning out to be a major pita.

someone mentioned the wires were too short to merge without yanking the entire thing out of the car... um what? there is PLENTY of space right thur.

my girlfriend showed up to hang out for a little, she snapped some pictures in the terrible shop lighting!

she made a comment about the hard thing between my legs. took me a second, but i got it..

dash pad on its way out..

and just about how i left it for the night. didnt get much done today, also realized how far the harness actually goes around the entire engine bay. shitty.


octain11 08-01-2012 08:05 PM

nice dude, your getting some good progress done! told ya harness is a b**ch, once you get this done everything else is gunna be a breeze, did she atleast make you a sandwich? =D

1055 08-01-2012 08:38 PM

better, from-scratch chocolate chip griddle cakes.

now i need to sell parts off the wrx to buy her a ring :D

and it helps doing this shit all day long and having a shop at my disposal. the shitty part is staring at it all day wanting to just get it done. this weekend is going to be productive.

im not scared of the merge, just hate subaru's design of the ENTIRE car harness being one lump sum. splitting it up would make so much more sense.. but then again, easy wouldnt make it fun or rewarding.

Also: new devlopment. i am ditching the TMIC for a FMIC/greddy blow off set up. and the best part? im getting it for a set of wingless trunk torsion bars and two interior trim peices :D

octain11 08-01-2012 08:47 PM

nice deal! the harder and more challenging the work is, the better feeling you get once its all finished up. Send me some of those griddle cakes lol! are you going straight to stage 2 then?

1055 08-01-2012 09:19 PM

i wasnt shooting for anything more than 200awhp. ill probably end up with a super conservative tune for reliability.

but yes, it will be open sourced.
turboXS 4" bellmouth DP
turboXS highflow 3rd cat
turboXS 3" catback
Greddy Blow off
Godspeed FMIC
K&N Panel filter
GM boost solenoid

also happy to share the turbo has 0 shaft play. still a very healthy turbo!

octain11 08-01-2012 09:28 PM

nice, your looking at a good amount of hp, its gunna be a nice sleeper, are you keeping the open diff or going with a rear lsd?

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