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2.5gtbx_44 04-15-2012 09:20 PM

Introducing the EFI Logics built and tuned "Subacabra"
I have been on this thread for a while and have one page dedicated to my car but, seeing as it has undergone a MAJOR revamping I felt it necessary to create a separate page for the new setup. It started out as a 2006 Legacy Spec B. What it is now is well beyond what I had originally envisioned for the car. Enough of the talk on to the pics and mods:

AMS 750R Rotated kit retrofitted w/ precision 6466
4" intake
STI manifold swap
EFI logics custom FMIC
Invidia race ELH
Top feed conversion
Perrin top feed fuel rails
Top feed TGV deletes
ID 2000 injectors
Tial Q BOV
EFI logics custom fuel system including SX power regulator, Marren fuel dampener, radium engineering dual external Bosch 044 Surge tank and various fittings
Aeromotive 340lph pusher fuel pump
Accessport v2
protuned on 93 octane and E85 461whp 457wtq
Full speed density tune on 93 and e85 (new numbers to follow)
Efi logics custom side exit exhaust
Blitz FATT Turbo timer
AEM tru boost controller
Mishimoto X-line radiator
All exhaust components swaintech coated (header, up-pipe, turbine housing, downpipe and ewg dump tube)

EFI Logics stage 4+ motor:
JE Billet FSR pistons
JE proseal head gaskets
AEBS sleeved block with custom water jackets and o-ringed
K-1 crankshaft balanced
Manley Turbo tuff rods
Killer b oil pick up
Killer b windage tray
Killer b oil pan
ARP block bolts
ARP 625+ head studs
ACL main and rod race bearings
Supertech +1mm intake and exhaust valves
Supertech dual valve springs
Supertech titanium retainers
Cosworth S2 camshafts 278/274
Custom bowl blending
mild porting
case half pinning
Gates racing timing belt

ATI harmonic damper
Modded sti 11mm oil pump
water pump
new pulleys etc
NGK iridium 1 step colder plugs
VR1 race oil

Wheels and Suspension:
Tein Flex coilovers
Tein edfc
Perrin 25mm FT and RR swaybars
Whiteline steering rack bushings
Whiteline Ft and rr Front control arm bushings
Whiteline Roll and bump steer kit
Whiteline ft and rr diff bushing kit
Whiteline rear control arm bushings
Enkei NT03 18x9.5 +40mm
H&R 5mm spacer in ft
ARP hardened and extended studs
Muteki R35 extended open ended lugs

08 sti transmission
08 sti r180 rear end
08 spec b driveshaft
08 spec b rear axles
ACT 6 puck extreme clutch
kartboy short throw shifter
Lathewerks stainless steel shift knob
kartboy shifter bushings
TIC pivot bushings
Stoptech Front BBK
DBA rear rotors
Hawk HPS pad all around
Driveshaft shop custom front axles

Im sure there are things I missed but, that is the grand scheme of it. On to the photos:

much more to come. I will be updating this page as I attend events and shows...stay tuned

lilziggy1320 04-15-2012 09:49 PM

I saw this on their FB page earlier, so badass

zambazil 04-15-2012 10:05 PM

Over 200 hp increase over less than 1K rpm difference, did I read it right? Just curious 2.5GTBX, is it hard to control when the boost comes around 3.5K rpm?

2.5gtbx_44 04-15-2012 10:07 PM

Its not hard to control you just have to be paying attention. It can definitely catch you off guard if you are not expecting how hard its gonna hit.

LosAngelesLGT 04-15-2012 10:24 PM

A build after my own heart.

delirious 04-15-2012 10:33 PM

All I can say is wow... proper name "subacabra", must be a monster.

zambazil 04-15-2012 11:35 PM


Originally Posted by 2.5gtbx_44 (Post 3848276)
Its not hard to control you just have to be paying attention. It can definitely catch you off guard if you are not expecting how hard its gonna hit.

I see & a third pedal is indeed a big help in the process. Impressed with the set-up as a whole esp the powertrain - on top of it looking very smooth & clean. Thanks btw.

scoobyscoodle 04-16-2012 01:44 AM

I love those wheels. Weren't the 18x9.5 et40's a limited run?

Legend 04-16-2012 05:51 AM

Beautiful car, incredible build! What a fantastic powerband - most impressed by the early torque!

dustincredible 04-16-2012 06:36 AM

BEAST! EFI was saying on their FB page that your next mods are engine internals?

paintpollz 04-16-2012 08:11 AM

Side exhaust is not for me but everything else is.

Stock internals?

subiedad51 04-16-2012 09:02 AM

Wowsa those are some crazy numbers. Beautiful Spec-B.

charlie_sheen 04-16-2012 09:09 AM

now all you gotta do it try and sell it for $40,000

FUIAAE 04-16-2012 09:58 AM

I love EFI logistics. They make the most badass cars ever.

vtbimmer 04-16-2012 10:54 AM

My buddy saw this when he was getting tuned there last week. Sounds like a monster. Interesting shifter setup though. Whats the deal with the extended shifter?

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