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docdrey 03-05-2012 03:45 PM

FS (CA): Brembo Big Brake Kit - CLOSED pics not loaded
Hate to do it but im selling my Brembo kit. this kit has been moved from car to car for a while and now its time to go. building a completely different type of project so don't need to hold on to these anymore. These are the GT brakes so they are a bit bigger than the regular Sti brembos. they come with steel brake lines, calipers, two piece 5x100 rotors, legacy/impreza hub adapters, and brake pads. the pads have a few thousand miles left in them so it wouldn't hurt to change them. I dont know the exact specs but here are some pictures. Price, 1500

My Legacy

My gc8

LegAC_GT 03-05-2012 09:31 PM

Fronts only?

SBT 03-07-2012 12:10 PM

Please load all photos to the site using the New Reply, Manage Attachments process. Linked-in/linked-to photos are not permitted in our FS threads because some members cannot see them and they can be de-linked post-sale.

Also edited your title to show FS and location. GLWYS and LMK if you have any questions.

Thread will remain open until 10:00PM EST tonight 3/7/2012 in order to load the photos.

RexTuner1204 03-12-2012 08:55 AM

Brake kit still available? Love your gc8!

docdrey 03-13-2012 01:06 AM

Yes, it is still for sale. thanks! Regret selling that thing every day I live.

LosAngelesLGT 03-13-2012 04:54 AM

Are you the orignial owner? They were functional when you took them off? They look a bit beat but I am interested.

docdrey 03-13-2012 12:18 PM

I'm not the original owner. I bought these a little over a year ago and moved them from one car to another. They work amazing but yes they are a little scratched up. they were perfectly functional when i used them and i guarantee that. if they don't work, you will be refunded.

docdrey 03-13-2012 12:21 PM

I'ts a 13in rotor

LosAngelesLGT 03-13-2012 01:23 PM

Thanks for the quick answer. I am not too concerned with appearance as long as the scratches/damage is only superficial/in the coating. I plan to break them down, rebuild and send them out to media blast and p/coat and I dont want to run into problems recoating with surface issues.

Hard to tell how deep the chips/scratches are. Cant you tell?

docdrey 03-13-2012 08:27 PM

from what i remember, there is nothing that would be of concern. if you get them powder coated, you shouldn't have any issues with the cosmetics

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