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Imprezsing04 06-17-2011 02:20 PM

Who would be interested in USDM 08-09 rear bumper vents?
Starting to CAD from scratch since I havent heard back from the member on this website that I sent the vents to in 2016 who was supposed to 3D scan it for us.

The scanned piece/working model I have so far.

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Original Post:

I am talking with a company who i gave a jdm rear vent set to and i was interested in asking them to model a set that will fit our usdm rear bumper.

Just seeing how much interest there would be on the boards to make sure i dont lose any money by going through with asking them to make them.

They are not sure on price because they havent started yet. But if these were to fit well, how much would people be willing to pay? They said about $45+ for a set if i can get 10 sets ordered. But again, they threw an estimate.

Just wondering if people thought that would be too high to pay and i can discuss it with them more. Thanks


P.s. hopefully im not breaking any rules since im not a vendor, etc. I was just seeing if there were interest so i can try and offer something to you guys

2. Deadzep
3. mk6933
4. DPsubie
5. Biggu
6. Squiden
7. Scottyg7171
8. Underground000
15.Schrei Wolf (maybe)
19. monkonmonk
20. Bluewolf
21. skunkworks
22. Bbc84
23. cholmes1
24. biodtl
25. BigNYDog3
26. 300zx2g35
27. yamarider18
28. OBPDemon
29. wpmarky
30. brawline
31. berkshire40
33. Tomkat1127
34. shtbxr22
37. StNem24
40. tocinoman25
48. legspecb08
49. Jaesx
50. InnocentGuns
51. Hannya
52. Acastro516
53. turboboost
54. R15
55. nuked_oasys
56. GipsySpec.B
57. amp583
58. MJC784
59. big_tom
60. mumblespec
61. Cobbsalad
62. Korrupt3d
63. tvsubaru
64. Vader's_3.0R
65. xVern
66. Grothe08LGT
67. KeemsEZ30USDM
68. baci
69. MaasaiWarrior
70. abaig97
71. outback'n
72. Knownpick
73. meowtown
74. Dispatch20
75. bomberlegacy
76. gonzoman10
77. fewxdavid
78. dug-e-fresh
79. amp583
80. ethanrbutler
81. skuubi
82. Knapp
83. blxcksheep
84. toominator

Shipped vents to a member here to get 3D scanned again, in an editable version

SEE POST 197 and 198 for a summary of ALL progress and information!!! Thanks guys!!

Waiting to get the reflector piece to get scanned

Still working on it but it will be some time since it is just a side project

Does anyone know a cheaper way to produce about 100 of these? Your own company. A friend?

I have been quoted $12,000 to get a mold made and then material costs to have it done.
I will look into vacuum forming but to keep initial costs at a minimum (i dont have the funds to fund a mold) I think I may just sell prototypes off my 3D printer when I am done completing the CADD
Relevant posts: search my name on this thread to follow
Thanks for staying up to date with this


I do not have the means to fund the project right now, to pay for everything initially and then hope to break even months down the line. I dont think anyone would put deposits down to help me pay for the material and mold to get done. And I honestly wouldnt want something to happen and then I owe everyone money. So, I am not going to ask that.

At this point, I may make them off my 3D abs plastic printer. It would cost at least $100 in time and materials to make so if people are that interested, I may make a small batch. It takes about a day to print a set. so, it would be a one off type of thing for now since I can not afford the molding process. So, I dont know if people are willing to pay that much but I am going to go ahead and work on the prototype and if people are interested, I will sell them something that matches my prototype. I will try to have pictures and a prototype done in the next few weeks


**See Post 72 for more JDM vent pictures to hold everyone's interest =)*

**See post 34 for my answers and post 36 for a pic of the jdm vent being held up to the usdm bumper**

**See Post 94-107 for progress and hold up and possible different route of producing these

**Also, this will probably come in white. Could easily be painted flat black to look like the JDM ones but who would be interested in me dropping a few sets at the body shop to get them color matched? Of course, i would charge what the shop charges me but itll probably be cheaper for me to get a few sets painted at one time. As opposed to you guys going to a shop and just getting one set painted**

Deadzep 06-17-2011 04:00 PM

you might want to include pics of the usdm vs jdm.

i might be interested for $45. i wanted to get a jdm set a while ago until i learned that they won't fit our bumpers.

W1CKED 06-17-2011 07:24 PM

Wow...I thought you had abandoned this project.

mk6933 06-17-2011 08:21 PM

Interested if its around 45 bucks.

DPSubie 06-18-2011 01:46 AM

would need to see some pics but I might also be game

Biggu 06-18-2011 02:39 PM

Im totally in!

Imprezsing04 06-18-2011 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by Deadzep (Post 3433759)
you might want to include pics of the usdm vs jdm.

i might be interested for $45. i wanted to get a jdm set a while ago until i learned that they won't fit our bumpers.

Yeah, ask W1cked, he is the one who sent me his jdm set to try out because he bought them and didnt fit and he couldnt modify them to fit. i have a pic of me holding the jdm vent up to my bumper but ill include pics when/if i get them made. just trying to see if people would be interested. dont want to get these made and then have no one buy them for that price.


Originally Posted by W1CKED (Post 3433939)
Wow...I thought you had abandoned this project.

No, just been busy and so its sat and i did nothing with them. Decided to try and take this on again. Dont worry, i still remember you and im still good for following through with what i told you


Originally Posted by mk6933 (Post 3433993)
Interested if its around 45 bucks.

Again, 45 was an estimate. if i get 10 people, and it turns out to be that much, itll be 45 plus shipping. That means im making nothing off of them. just helping members and getting myself a set.

If i get more inquirys, ill sell em for a little more so i can recoupe some money to at least get my set for free. if i sell 9 sets at 50, ill get my set for free....

Squiden 06-18-2011 09:09 PM

I would totally be in on this if you can get them produced that cheaply and they look like the JDM versions!!!

rapture 06-18-2011 09:17 PM

anyway i could make it fit an 05 lgt? if so im in...

IDRVSLO 06-18-2011 11:03 PM

Rapture, this is just a guess but I am thinking that these would take the place of the rear bumper reflectors on the 08-09.

scottyg7171 06-18-2011 11:07 PM

I'm in if the price is right!

rapture 06-18-2011 11:14 PM

hah thats what i get for scanning...... im retarded ...
i was thinkin man how the hell are they getting these for soo cheap.disregard my interest.whoops.:!

underground000 06-18-2011 11:49 PM

Im in!!

underground000 06-18-2011 11:52 PM

Including Opie, there are 8 of us so far, well for the price of 45

1. Imprezing04
2. Deadzep
3. mk6933
4. DPsubie
5. Biggu
6. Squiden
7. Scotty7171
8. Underground000

joeblow 06-19-2011 07:21 AM

For $50 I'm in

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