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Subimods 02-21-2011 12:38 PM

Insane Brake Packages
Subimods Brake Packages - Insanely Low Prices

CLICK HERE for your year/model brake packages!


**Note** - This package deal requires you to purchase pads and rotors. You have the option to add on brake lines, brake fluid, and a brake line bleeder. But you will be required to checkout with at least one set of brake pads, and one set of rotors. You are not required to checkout with the fluid, lines, or brake line bleeder. These prices are killer! Lowest you will find anywhere, find it cheaper? Let us know!

Product Descriptions:

Hawk Performance Ceramic brake pads were developed for those enthusiasts who want to improve stopping power without the annoying side effects sometimes associated with more aggressive pads. Hawk Performance Ceramic pads are engineered with a linear friction profile for maximum performance while reducing NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) for a smoother ride and ultra-low brake dust accumulation. In addition, you can expect Hawk ceramic brake pads to provide increased pad and rotor life and a more responsive ABS braking system. Hawk Performance Ceramic pads are intended for street use only

Hawk HPS (High Performance Street) pads offer a tremendous improvement in braking distance over the Subaru's OEM pads. Hawk's unique Ferro-Carbon formula was developed for street performance using the safety and quality of Aerospace and Motorsports severe-duty friction technology. The HPS compound offers a high coefficient of friction and can provide you 20-40% more stopping power and improved resistance to fading over Subarus's OEM replacement pads. HPS's Ferro-Carbon compound provides your Subaru with increased stopping power, long-life, less dust and reduced noise compared to other after market performance brake pads. All Hawk Performance products provide a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring products to be free of defects from manufacturer's workmanship and materials. Hawk HPS pads are designed primarily for a daily driven Subaru but will hold up under light autocross duty as well.

Hawk HP+ pads are made for the Subaru that gets driven to and on the track. The HP+ offers increased friction over the HPS, at the price of a little more noise (squealing) and more dust. Brake squeal is not uncommon in the HP+ due to the higher temperatures required for their peak friction, but once warmed up, this higher operating temperature will consistently allow your Subaru to brake more quickly, with minimal fade. These pads are excellent for the occasional HPDE/track day or for the very competitive autocross driver.

StopTech Performance Brake Pads: StopTech now offers the same pads that they include with their balanced big brake upgrades as OEM replacement pads for your stock calipers. StopTech Performance pads are a great option for those that are looking for a good all around street pad that may see limited track time. Designed with a higher heat tolerance and temperature range, the StopTech Performance pads will out perform most other OEM quality pads on the street or track.

DBA Street Series, entry level, enhanced performance rotor, the Street Series, offers improved braking straight out of the box. DBA's Street Series slotted or drilled and slotted rotors improves pad bite and assists to reduce brake fade by evacuating gases created when pads contact the rotor. DBA Slotted Street Series are the perfect replacement rotor for the performance conscious street motorist.

DBA 4000 Series rotor is a mid-level brake rotor that has more than enough performance for any street driven car and will work very well on a weekend track toy or autocrosser. DBA 4000 Series rotors feature Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) for improved heat handling. TSP enhances the micro-structure of the rotor material providing greater thermal stability. Increasing the thermal stability allows your DBA rotors to take more heat, making them more stable under heavy, frequent braking. DBA rotors with TSP will experience improved brake pad and rotor life. Thermo-Graphic paint markings on the edge of DBA's 4000 Series rotor change color at specific temperature thresholds allowing you to check your braking performance quickly and easily. Green changes to white at 856F, orange will change to yellow at 1022F and the red will change to white after 1166F. Ideal braking temperatures are between 850F and 1000F (so the green will become white and the orange and red are unchanged).

DBA 5000 Series: 5000 Series rotors by DBA are engineered for the true enthusiast. The 5000 Series uses a two-piece design with a light weight aircraft grade aluminum center hat and steel rotor. Having an aluminum hat reduces overall weight by a significant amount. DBA 5000 Series rotors feature Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) for improved heat handling. TSP enhances the micro-structure of the rotor material providing greater thermal stability. Increasing the thermal stability allows your DBA rotors to take more heat, making them more stable under heavy, frequent braking. DBA rotors with TSP will, ultimately, improve brake pad and rotor life.

StopTech Cryo-Stop Rotors: StopTech Cryo-Stop rotors are a cryogenically treated, smooth faced, premium rotor casting. They use the same premium rotor castings as a StopTech Powerslot slotted rotor but do not have the slots machined into them to help reduce costs. This rotor option is meant to bridge the performance and price gap between basic replacement rotors and slotted performance rotors.

StopTech Power Slot & SportStop Rotors: StopTech Power Slot are a direct replacement upgrade designed to fit your factory brake system and stock calipers. The unique slotted or cross-drilled surface helps wipe away debris that can form between the pad and the disc, provides more initial pad bite, improves cooling, and will add a sporty track inspired aesthetic to any ride.

Goodridge Brake Lines, one of the best known names in the stainless steel brake line industry, Goodridge brake lines are designed, not only to US DOT standards, but to the extremely strict German TUV specifications. All Goodridge stainless steel brake lines must undergo a nine-point quality inspection including being tested to 3000 psi prior to release. The Goodridge four-piece stainless steel brake line kits include all the necessary fittings, brackets and hardware for a direct bolt-on installation and are backed by Goodridge's unbeatable 'Forever Guarantee'.

Techna-Fit Subaru stainless steel brake lines are assembled in their facility to D.O.T. Certification. Techna-Fit stainless steel brake line kit for the 05-09 Legacy GT includes all four lines with all the necessary fittings and brackets for a bolt-on installation.

Motul RBF 600 is 100% synthetic DOT 4 fluid for hydraulic-actuated brake and clutch systems. With it's elevated boiling point of 312C / 593F, Motul is specifically designed to resist the high temperatures of racing brakes and clutch systems. Price is for .5/liter.

Stoptech High Performance: Brake fluid is possibly the single most neglected component of the automobile. Most high performance drivers check their tire pressures and change their engine oil at frequent intervals, but neglect to change their brake fluid or consider a performance fluid in general. Available in STR-600 and STR-660 formulations for high performance street and racing applications respectively, the new Stoptech DOT 4 brake fluid is engineered to optimize brake system performance at high operating temperatures.

Motive Power Bleeders are an innovative and simple way to bleed your vehicle's brake system. Simply fill the canister, pump up the container, then open the bleeders one at a time to expel old fluid into a container or the optional no-mess Motive Catch Bottles. It's that easy!

Perrin Master Clyinder Brace: The Perrin master cylinder support brace provides the much needed support for the master cylinder and brake booster that the stock setup just can't provide. When force is placed against the brake pedal, the brake booster and master cylinder will actually flex, and over time can fatigue to the point of failure. The designers at Perrin have devised a simple plan to fix this problem; a brace cut from 6061 aluminum that bolts to the driver side shock tower that is not only easy to install, but also inexpensive.

Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper: The Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper (B.C.S.) is a great way to increase pedal feel while eliminating the unwanted flex of the brake master cylinder during hard stopping. The Cusco B.C.S. is powder coated in signature Cusco blue and bolts on to pre-existing holes. Install only takes a few minutes using normal hand tools. This has been specifically designed for left hand drive Subarus.

PM us for details on package deals!!!

Subimods 02-22-2011 03:02 PM

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Just need pads and fluid: CLICK HERE

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Subimods 12-12-2012 08:35 AM

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Tracking #'s sent early this morning, beat the holiday rush! We offer financing as well, so be sure ask about that as well! Contact us and SAVE!! Looking for numerous parts? Let us help you save even more with a combo package deal!

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