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SBT 01-29-2006 12:25 PM

Member Classifieds (2005-09) General Rules & How-To *BUYERS AND SELLERS PLEASE READ!*
Our Members' For Sale rules are located here. Please ensure you review them before posting in this sub-forum.

Specifically note that all photos required by these rules must be "loaded" to the site's server

A h
ow-to walk-through, for loading required photos to the site's server, is found here

Linked or off-site hosted photos are not permitted in the Member Marketplace and will be removed where found

This Member Classified sub-forum is for members to sell 2005 - 2009 Legacy and Outback parts. Selling parts for profit in this sub-forum is prohibited. If you want to make a profit selling parts, please find another venue (off-the-site) to market your product.


To create a For Sale listing, first create a title that indicates, using the pull-down menu, that the item is for sale or for trade and location, and what is contained in the thread.


Describe in as much pertinent detail as possible what you're selling, the photos, condition, mileage, age, type, i.e., for manual transmission, payment forms accepted and required notification about posting questions, offers and acceptance in the thread. Note about photos:
  • All photos must be loaded to the site with 24-hours. Use the Manage Attachment process
  • Linked photos are not permitted in the Marketplace and will be removed where found.

Use this part of your OP to describe what it is you're selling and the price

Use this part of your OP to move your part listing from "Items Available" to "Items Sold". Keep everything intact and mark it (Sold to - Screen Name)


================================================== ====================

In the pull-down menu select

FS - Location
FS/FT - Location

Then type your state and what it is you're selling. Your thread title will look like this:

FS - Location (MD): AVO BOV and TMIC, Perrin DP, MID-Y and Mufflers

I have the following items available for sale. All parts have 15,000 miles on them unless otherwise indicated and are off the car ready for shipment. I accept PayPal (Preferred) or U.S. Postal Money Orders or cash for local sales. All items plus shipping and PayPal 3% fee if paying by PayPal.

Only post here if you're interested, including any questions, and make all offers in this thread. I will not respond to questions or offers via PM. PMs will only be used to exchange payment or delivery information.

Available Items:
  1. AVO BOV - used, 5000 miles. $150 (OBO)
  2. AVO CAI w/new filter - used 15000 miles. $400 firm
  3. AVO MT-specific catted DP - used 15000 miles $475 firm
Sold Items:
  1. Perrin Mid-Y and Mufflers - used 15000 miles $575 (Sold to - Screen Name)
================================================== ====================

For any issues, problems, questions or help. Please PM me or notify a moderator and we will be happy to assist you. Please keep in mind, we cannot watch every thread on the forums so we rely on our members to help out if they see something that isn't right.

Thanks for keeping the forums running smoothly!


Markbo 05-16-2015 01:43 PM

I have searched and searched and found nothing... how do you leave feedback after a purchase?

SBT 05-18-2015 09:55 PM

In the thread where the seller sold the item(s), locate their iTrader rating in their profile box to the left of their original post. Click on the iTrader rating link and it will take you to their iTrader page where you can leave feedback.

SBT 07-04-2015 07:55 AM

Bump for revised rules on entering location

SBT 07-18-2016 01:59 PM

Bump to the top

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