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Regis1756 06-05-2012 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by ReGiS (Post 3923958)
Hahahaha too's been my nickname forever too between my brother and other friend. Can't even tell you how it started it's been that long. And i'm sure you were extremely shocked when it said someone had the name Regis already...

Same with me..... It came from friends........ It did make me laugh.. Better not be any other Regis's out there, I will have a problem

s2baru 06-17-2012 10:50 PM

To follow up on this. I drove a 500mile stretch of interstate and it was surprising to me actually how smooth they felt what everyone was saying. In town driving hasnt been bad 15-35 mph can be a bit bouncy but i try not to drive that slow.:)

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