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Autoevo 01-12-2012 03:23 PM

Didn't pump the brakes after brake job before putting it in drive. Ran into the wall. Only traveled 5 feet so not too much damage.

Max Capacity 01-12-2012 03:38 PM

Oh Yea, I forgot the TOB bearing once on the Civic race car. But I had R&R'ed the tranny so many times it didn't take long the get it in there.

On the wagon I removed the tranny one time thinking it was not right when the last thing I did was notice the clutch fork had fallen down and was not on the pivot ball. All I had to do was pull it up and put it back on. But by that time the tranny was all disconnected.

I need to stop reading this thread, the more I read the more I remember.

ibr_adam09 01-12-2012 05:28 PM

Took me two hours to figure why my front sway bar wasn't fitting only to realize it was upside down.

While pulling the plastic trim around the cubby, I semi ripped the dash in the brim

On my Mpv. While doing the timing belt change. I had changed the cam seals which required me to remove the cams. As I continued to put on the new timing belt and alining it at least 4 times , the car still ran like shit. turned out that the cams were installed visa versa (v6) UUUUUGGGHHH !

Also pulled the dizzy out without marking were the rotor was and that completely f'd up my timing.

On my 1992 Accord, I was replacing the pads right before selling it off. I thought the rear was piston style like the fronts, so I'm sitting there for hours like WTF why won't you push back in ??? Then I see that the grooves on the "piston" was to turn it back flush into the caliper.


TRSCobra 01-12-2012 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by Max Capacity (Post 3702936)
I need to stop reading this thread, the more I read the more I remember.


Back when I was in tech school, we were pushing a geo metro around the shop. The idiots in the class (myself included) pushed it a little too fast and I jumped in to hit the brakes, but the pedal went to the floor and the car ran into a work bench, narrowly missing a student.

It was the clutch pedal that I pressed. :spin:

Never lived that one down!

CL21376 01-12-2012 07:02 PM

My dad, in 1987, trying to put a Oldsmobile Calais up on ramps. Gave a little too much gas, the ramps shot out and he drove through the wall.

So he sends me running to get his neighbor buddy to help him fix it before mom comes home. As if you can somehow fix a car sticking through a wall in 10 minutes :lol:

To this day I jack my car up and slide ramps under the wheels as opposed to driving my car up on them.

HDTurbo 01-12-2012 07:19 PM

Back in the early 80s my bud and I were cleaning the carb on his bro's lame Camaro of that era. Carb cleaner, rev, carb cleaner, rev, rev, more carb cleaner....POOM! >>>FIRE!! Holy shit! An older neighbor strolls out of his house w/ a fire extinguisher (the pink dust kind..) and calmly puts out the fire and walks back to his house shaking his head:lol: We went to the hardware store and bought clear tubing to replace the vacuum never ran right/never told the older brother about the "work". He went for a tune up and the mechanic asked him when was your car on fire?!? We were nabbed.

CapnJack 01-12-2012 07:38 PM

Detailing the inside of my Honda Civic. I put the auto trans in neutral to clean around the crevices in the console. When I did this, I put the emergency brake on so it wouldn't roll backwards. After I got the interior clean, I was sitting in the back seat finishing up with the vacuum cleaner and saw a spot I missed around the e-brake boot. I released the brake and started vacuuming not realizing the car was still in neutral and was rolling out of the garage with the back doors open. By the time I did, the rear drivers side door hit the garage door frame and bent almost 45 degrees in the wrong direction past center. Never sealed quite right after that.

fahr_side 01-12-2012 07:55 PM

^^ I did something very similar when I installed my short-shift and bushings kit. Amazing how you can disconnect the fact the handbrake is on with the reason for it being on. Now I get to feel stupid every time I wash the car or put something in the trunk.

ChemicalWaste 01-12-2012 08:06 PM


Originally Posted by Drift Motion (Post 3701975)
forgot to plug in the MAF after installing the intake

I hope I didn't botch the quote. I deleted too much. I did the same thing to my gf's
Forester a couple weeks ago changing the filter. She came back from the store with her mom and said it ran like garbage and got a CEL. Took me a few minutes to realize what happened. Glad it didn't blow up.

I don't know who all has read of this dumbass attack but I replaced the UP and checked the banjo filters at the same time. Filters were gone. After putting it all back together and started theit car i ran inside to grab my sister's dog to take him to her. Backed out and got out to put the garage door down and it hit me that I didn't tighten the banjo bolt on top down. Oil everywhere on the turbo and on the concrete.

ericem 01-13-2012 12:02 AM

I remember on my friends wrx, my older turbo legacy. Everytime I pulled the I reinstalled a engine or transmission I would always forget to put the damn clutch fork after I had almost everything together!! I was soo pissed!!

SCHM1AN 01-13-2012 07:39 AM

On my Legacy, I drained the rear diff fluid then attacked the front. I jacked the car up and drained some fluid, then filled the front diff. I drove back from my friend's house and after about 10 minutes the car started to sound like a train in the distance. I went through the vacation pictures to go through my process and quickly figured out that I had drained the front diff, but put diff fluid in the tranny... No fluid in the diff, and an extra quart or two in the tranny.

On my friend's Trailblazer we were replacing brake pads and rotors, and could not get the rear discs off. Banged with a hammer for close to half-an-hour, then went to the hardware store to get a mallet. We got back and realized he left his E-brake on. So he released the E-brake and we get back to work, replace everything in the rear, then set the car back down. I'm walking around the front of the truck and it starts barrelling toward me (there's a trailer 5 ft behind me) so I try to stop it while my buddy jumps in and hits the brakes. Scary stuff there

OutbackXT05 01-14-2012 03:16 AM

I definently have a few.

The embarassing one:
I was at the track trying to figure out why our car had no power steering. Turns out the foam in the power steering container clogged the lines/pump. So i take it all apart and run the air compresser through all the lines to get them all cleared out. Then i did the same to the pump not realizing that the other hole the air would come out of was pointed right at my face and blam. Nice big face full of power steering. The team next to me was laughing sooo hard.

The omg that really hurt:
Friend has a veilside body kit on his rx8 so i couldnt lift it with my jack. So i made a little spacer out of 2x4 wood so i wouodnt hurt his kit. And as i was lifting the car i was feeling to make sure the wood was where it needed to be. Then the wood decided to split in half pinning my fingers between the car and the jack. Didnt feel to good at all.

As much of a pain the outback is to work on with the rust, i havent really done anything dumb with it yet. Sooner or later though it will.

ouch1011 01-20-2012 12:44 AM

As a mechanic, I have a few.

I forgot to reinstall the clutch release fork on a 6spd Dodge diesel. It was installed on the TOB but not on the pivot ball in the trans. I didn't realize this until after I pumped the clutch pedal several times and popped the piston out of the brand new slave cyl...which on those trucks is a sealed system and not bleedable (you replace the master, slave, and the line between them as a complete unit). Had to pull the trans again to reinstall. And the 6spd on those diesels is massive to say the least.

I went to bleed the brakes on an older Dodge truck and broke the bleeder valve in the wheel cyl. So I went to remove the wheel cyl and twisted the brake line.

Possibly most embarrassing and most expensive to me...did a maintenance timing belt on a 3.2 Cadillac CTS. Tightened one of the tensioners down hand tight but not fully tight. The tensioner let loose while the boss was on a test drive, causing the engine to stall , leaving my boss stranded on the side of the road, and bending almost all the intake valves on 1 bank.

When you work on dozens of cars every day, you are bound to have a few blunders. These are the only real blunders I can think of.

scoobydoobie 01-20-2012 10:50 AM

Tried to top off my oil with the car running. Proceeded to have oil fly everywhere. On my face, grill, engine bay, everywhere.

ClimberD@HexMods 01-20-2012 11:11 AM

Didn't grease new Brembo calipers prior to install. Will find out soon if the rotors are warped.

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