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First impression while mounting........thin sidewalls and no rim protector. The 225's are a must for rim coverage. They balanced nicely. I did not perform an alignment yet as to get a subjective opinion on their performance.

I will start with my only bitch right now, they flat spot when the car sits and cools. Tire presure is set to 35 frt and rear.

1. Ride comfort is cushier on impacts, but the BS's were overall smoother. I think once tread wears down, they will be comparable.

2. Dry road grip is 100% better that the BS' squeal and I swear the car feels more neutral, less understeer is very noticible. You can enter corners much, much faster than before. Grip coming out of corners on full throttle GRIPS.

3. Straight line stability is top notch, gets better as speed increases. No shimmy at all once warmed up. You can feel more "road feel" with these tires.

4. Noise; They seem quieter than the BS's but it is a different type of tire noise....more of a "white" noise if you will. You don't get that "hollow" sound I had before.

Rain and snow still have to be determined, but for $87.00 each including shipping, they are a great tire.

I rate them an "8". If it weren't for the rumble while they are warming up, it would be a "9".

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