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Originally Posted by LandShark
Does AVO offer an English unit that displays in PSI and In Hg vacuum? I know that America is the last bastion of the old measurement system but those darn metric values just seem to lack something.
Just to show my ignorance, am I correct that +1.0 kg/cm = 1.0 Atm = about 15 psi ? Just too much math for us old fart Americans!
You are about right on the measurement. Apologies, but the tooling was done for the metric, one of the (dis)advantages of being an Australian company originally. That's why we are offering such a deal on it - otherwise, it is a very quality unit, with the built-in hood for daylight, nice-backlighting, and good old analog boost readings for accuracy.

But back to the Pod itself, which is the main item of discussion. I will take daylight pictures of it as soon as possible. The color was not spot on for those photos, mainly because it was hand-painted. It is just a prototype, we will get the color closer for the final products.

Pictures from above will be taken as well. It is interesting the information about the stickers needing to be in that location. If somebody can get me a photo of such, I'll see if another pod could be made to address that concern.


Paul Hansen