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Title: Where'd that Pop-It go?!
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Thanks for the info, f1 !

I think I'm going to go for a set of the Osram Rallye +65s to replace my Silverstar lows.

I'm currently rocking a set of the Narva Golds in the fogs. Combined with just a slight bit of re-aiming (I've got it set to throw just a tiny further down the road, but still angled *quite* downwards), it does really nicely on wet pavement and even as nav-lights, and now also gives excellent mid-field edge-rendition in snowy weather and on plowed-edge roads.


Brothers LBGT and IWSS -

Brother TRS's response is precisely the case. Yes, you've got extra light being put out, but how much of that light is truly useable?

Remember that it's not just the number of lumens - but how the light is focused and shaped that will determine how and what you see under specific conditions.

The average 60W household light bulb puts out something like 4,000 lumen - yes, it'll light up your bedroom nicely, but use it as a porch-light, and see how far you can see out into the back yard....

At the same time, while a hand-held flashlight is a horrible substitute for a proper lantern as room-lighting when the power goes out, it sure can "throw" that light pretty far down a dark hallway or outdoor path, no?

Any measure of light only tells half the story - the other half is told by the optics, reflector housing design, etc.

If you truly want to see farther down the road at night, get a set of properly designed, high-power "driving lights," and set them up correctly to properly supplement your high-beams (and remember to dim them for oncoming traffic!).

I won't say that the HIRs aren't nice. They are - but to me, they are only so for the reasons that TRS cited above, that they seem to light up a broader field and highlight reflective surfaces farther away, both of which adds a bit to my night-time driving "comfort." However, they are still limited by the size and design of your current reflectors.

But to think that they're going to be a substitute for a good set of properly designed and set-up driving lamps in terms of pure throw and penetration - that's definitely not going to happen.
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