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#1) Toyo T1R 245/45/R-18 Summer Performance Tire

#2) Pennsylvania

#3) Have autocrossed on this tire

#4) 70% highway, 28% city, 2% off road

#5) RE92's Kill Bunnies

#6) This tire is a very good summer tire. Dry handling is great and very predictable. This tire excels in wet weather. I've sought out large puddles and plowed through them at full speed and not a hint of hydroplanning. High speed highway travel in the rain always felt solid and predictable. I have had this tire on dirt roads and gravel. It isn't so great off pavement, but hey, it was never designed for that. It got me from point A to Point B in the dirt no problem and I was never worried about losing long as I didn't do anything stupid. Road noise is minimal but has become slightly louder as the tire wears. Tire noise is still well below exhaust noise. I will most likely buy these again when they wear out.

3/30/07 UPDATE: Put the wheels on the car and noticed I don't have much tread left. I remember hydroplaning resistance not being as good as it used to be at the end of last season. Probably gonna switch to a different tire when these wear out. Very good tire, but I will only get about a season and a quater out of them. Autocrossing on them probly caused the early weardown.

#1) Dunlop WinterSport M3 225/55/R-17 Winter Performance Tire

#2) Pennsylvannia

#3) Mostly on street driving, but I did autocross them once

#4) 70% highway, 25% city, 5% off-road

#5) RE92's Kill Bunnies

#6) These tires are an exceptional balance of of dedicated snow and dry pavement. Dry performance far exceeded that of the RE92's and was extremly predictable. Although the sidewalls are a little soft and there was some squishiness upon turn in. But it was still better than the RE92's. The one time I autocrossed on them, they did fairly well. I also had bubbles in two tires from pothole damage and they held up through the autocrossing. I was quite impressed with their strength. Overall, considering they are dedicated winter tires, dry performance is amazing....and they're speed rated to 130mph. Wet performace was also very solid and assuring, almost on par with the T1R's. Powdery and packed snow were a breeze. Always felt planted on the snow and very pradictable. Ice performance wasn't as good as I had expected, but I guess that is given up for the dry performance. The few times I had them on dirt roads they were very stable and planted. I've already purchased a second set for this season.

3/30/07 UPDATE: This season I bumped the pressure way up on the M3's. Last season was slightly above the 32/30 stock pressures. This season I went up to 46/44psi. WOW! Made a huge difference. Highway noise went down ( not that it was loud). Fuel economy went up about 1.5 mpg. Snow traction went up about 5 clicks. I couldn't believe what changing the pressure did for snow traction. The suby handled just as well on packed snow as it did on dry pavement.... well, almost. And since I didn't break the tires this season, I get to use them next season too!
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