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heavily modified and waiting for dyno results
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I have just completed piecing together my 05 Legacy GT and wanted to share the results as they materialize. I am having tuned and dyno at Rocket Rally in Vancouver Canada
The mods are as follows:

Legacy GT… Auto Trans. I am installing a hi speed torque converter the week after I get the car from tuning…’already purchased’
I was sold, and am running and SMT wire in piggyback engine management system.

My legacy has 7000 total miles on it and a newly rebuilt high-performance engine with 500 miles on it. I'm currently in the process of breaking in the new engine. .

I am providing details below on everything done to the car.

GP Moto: exhaust equal length header four into two and one
Perrin short ram intake
agency power manual boost controller
random downpipe/converter
random extension pipe/converter
random catback with cut out pipe
TD06H-20G 2005USDM Legacy GT- deadbolt now upgraded with FP GREEN
Turbo XS fuel cut defender for5V sensors
Agency power sti 816CC injectors
agency power parallel fuel rails for Legacy GT
Perrin currently large topmount intercooler… ( having a front mount installed prior to your tuning car on the 18th Sept.) Now complete

big valve performance stage three heads /cams-415 lift
stage 4 dohc cylinder head package
intake 22% increased flow
exhaust 41% increased flow
Port refinishing and bowl contouring
them five angle valve seat machining
had the blending of the port/valve seat juncture
combustion chamber cleaning
valve resurfacing using the center-less method which also measures the stem and head run valves are replaced if this run out is exceeded
exhaust port balancing
milling of the cylinder head-depth is appropriate for application and combustion chamber
stage four camshafts, springs and retainers
new Subaru valve seals
new Subaru cam seals
setting up the valve lash
graduated intake port finishing
exhaust port polishing
combustion chamber modification, measurement and matching of combustion chambers/valve un shrouding
heavy-duty valve springs
titanium retainers
intake port redesign
extensive exhaust port modification
lager intake (plus 1mm) and exhaust(plus1mm) valves

Oliver rods
Mahle pistons
STI nitrated crank
t-sleeves/ductile iron centrifugal spun
agency power crank pulley
fuel pressure regulator
255 cc fuel pump

Additionally the car has been fit with all available suspension mods and a Rotara big brake kit.
I have purchased but not yet installed: Snow performance water methanol injection system. **DETAILS BELOW.**

I will be upgrading the transmission and torque converter within the next 30 days.

I'm interested in daily use of the car and occasional drag racing on weekends.
. Also more aggressive maps for drag racing and high-speed driving as well as the water/methanol system that we discussed.
Pat, I want to thank you for the candid and clear discussion re the setup of the car and also what needs to be done to properly break it in.
Contact #’s for Greg at Snow Performance _1-719-633-3811 and Dan at 1-540-373-6279
Dan is the engineer that supports the product. Greg sold me the unit and is also great support.

I'll post the dyno results after the 18th ...Hoping for 450 plus whp


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