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#1) Goodyear F1 GS-D3, 215/45-17 XL, Max Summer, $88 ea. + $40 gift card from T/R, ~5K miles so far.

#2) Cowtown, TX., where the West begins and the bu$^#&it ends

#3) Does pissing off a Carrera S count as a driving 'event'? If not then strictly non-competitive travels.

#4) At least 80/20, maybe more.

#5) RE92s and Toyo T1Rs.

#6) These tire is GREAT! Much better cornering and braking than either of the other two. I haven't noticed any increase in tire noise as others have noted, but I usually have the tunes cranked so... It's been a real drought here since I bought them so I have almost NO miles in rain but on the rare occasion I did get out in the wet they seemed to be fine. I'll update when I have a chance to push them in the wet stuff. Please note that these are the XL versions so I don't know how much, if any, difference there is performance-wise between these and the SL versions that are currently on sale at T/R.

Wet update: excellent! It poured over the weekend so I went out to check my SS brake line install and do a wet traction test. Great braking performance - I had a hard time getting the ABS to engage. Pretty good hydroplaning performance. Standing water at edge of the road didn't pull the car that direction as badly as other tires, but puddles in the middle of the road tended to bump the car sideways. Great cornering performance. There's a constant radius curve on my test road and I went thru it several times in both directions. My speed was pretty close to my normal spirited pace thru there in the dry with no discernable loss of traction. Bottom line: BUY THESE TIRES!!!

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