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I have Yokohama AVS ES100s, 225/40/18 Z speed rated (I believe) on 8" wide rims. I paid about $96/tire at Tire Rack here in South Bend, Indiana. They are summer dry/wet tires, unidirectional with a similar tread pattern to Goodyear F1s. I rarely drive highway, mostly crowned two lane urban/rural roads and I use these from April to late October.

I had these tires on my old 1994 Volvo 850 Turbo wagon and on that car they tramlined horrendously, but they are relatively inexpensive high perf tires and I suspected it was the alignment on the Volvo that led to the tramlining. I was right. On the Volvo, they also hydroplaned in relatively small puddles, but not on the Subaru.

They have stiff sidewalls and give the steering a more responsive feel (compared to the stock RE92s, but they weren't too bad in THIS respect). I race karts, so I like quick, responsive steering, and these tires improved that aspect of steering. The stiff sidewalls and low profile do hurt ride quality, but not dramatically compared to the 17" RE92s on the stock suspension. However, on Swift lowering springs, these tires made the ride unbearable for my wife due to the combination of stiffer spring rate and stiff side walls. Secondary roads become a thing to avoid, even for me. Also, the tires do lose alot of grip below 55 degrees or so (espec. when wet) so switch them out to winter ro all season tires b4 too late in fall.

The tires have gotten louder over the first 10,000 miles, but I suspect I had an alignment issue because there is some feathering of the tread, so I suspect that's my fault.

I use the tires for relatively sedate road driving (few fun roads in farm country) but I also autocross them. I'm used to race slicks and lots of grip, and while they are sticky road tires (for the money), they are a lot greasier than I expected, but I haven't autox'd much b4 and don't have much to compare them to. It's easy to induce understeer with too much power (not used to that in karts!), but I can get the rear out, too, so it's all good!

Overall, a good extreme summer dry/wet tire, espec at 1/2 the price of the big boy tires like Goodyear F1, Pirellis, etc.

PS - The car looks like it's a steamroller when these tires are on 8 inch wide wheels! Stretching the tire out on these wheels is responsible for alot of the ride, turn-in characteristics, so if you put them on 7 inch wide wheels, you may loose some of the characteristics I refer to.

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