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As you can see, the Stock Legacy i has 205/55/16, with has a sidewall height of 112.75mm and a tire circumferance of 1985mm

The Legacy GT has 215/45/17, with has a sidewall height of 96.75mm and a tire circumferance of 1964mm.

The difference between the two circumferences is 21mm - the non-GT Legacy move forward 21mm further than the GT with on wheel revolution.

Does this mean the Odometer/Speedometer calculation is different between the two cars, or is the difference so small it is not noticable?

If the later, how much difference matters?

Let's see, 1 mile = 1.6km which is 1600 meters which is 160,000cm which is 1,600,000mm (God, I luv the metric system - it is so easy!)

21mm is .00001% of 1 mile. That would mean you lose 1 mile every 10,000 miles you drive - I think.

Am I off on this?