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SOA recommended that I DO bring it up to my local service department
so they can investigate further. They mentioned that
the service departments have some kind of computer access that even
the customer service reps at SOA don't. He also mentioned it would be a good
idea to bring it up to them so if the problem worsens or doesnt go away that
it's documented with them as well.

But he couldn't thank me enough (must have been half a dozen times) for notifing
SOA of this issue. He said they assign case numbers to every complaint or problem
and investigate and follow up on it. If SOA sees this is a pretty typical problem,
which it apparently is, it behooves not only them as a company, but US as their
customers to find the problem and get it solved. If that means working WITH the service departments of particular dealers or financing some leading Subaru service departments and spearheading the charge to find the problem, so be it.

A stuttering car under acceleration isn't going to whip anybody up into a frenzy like and ABS problem that in fact could lead to a death. Further, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would hardly care about a stuttering car under acceleration like they would about a car whose ABS system might be faulty.
There is NO safety issue or risk with stuttering acceleration.

Therefore, I stand by fact that this is a problem that is obviously inherent in A LOT of 2005 LGT's and we NEED to all call SOA and file that complaint so we can get it solved as soon as possible.