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Guys, I just spoke to SOA and spoke to a guy named Grant.
I told him about the "stuttering" our cars are experiencing.

He had never heard of this yet.
This means, nobody is calling about it.

But he did document everything I said, and I even
told him about this website and the poll results so far.

I was given a "case" number and he assured me
they'll look into it. He also encouraged me to take my
car to the dealer and see what they say as well.

Bottom line...we need everyone who has experienced this
to call SOA as soon as possible.
The number is: 1-800-SUBARU3

File a "case" number about it too. The more they get the better chance of
getting quick results will be. It took me all of 5-10 minutes, but
since this representative hadn't heard of it before and I was the
first to mention it, he asked quite a few questions and we discussed it
a bit more than would be normal. It would probably only take you
a couple of minutes. Please do call, so we can get this issue taken care
of. Again, we may find our cars will run even better and stronger once
this "stuttering" issue is taken care of.