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#21: 10-14-2004, 04:03 PM
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I noticed it in the 250-260 mile mark for the first time.
I drove about 10 miles today without noticing it.

But it seems this is quite common, and could easily be classified as a "problem"
I think we should all contact Subaru of America (or if you are in Canada, them too)
and point out this problem.
If we all get on them about this, they are SURELY more apt to find and solve the problem A LOT faster than if complaints just trickle in over the next 6 months to a year.

If it's a simple reflash, than they need to do that for us. Just think, if this "studder" or "hiccups" can be fixed in a reflash, our cars may even find more power than they already have and produce even better results...not to mention smoother, more linear power delivery.

I for one will be contacting SOA this week!
And after this thread has been up for awhile and more people vote on the poll and give their thoughts and experiences, I will very likely post the website (or link) to them as well so they can read first hand. Even though so far it's only been a couple times for me, I personally don't think we should "settle" on accepting it. The car should just not do that!