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Title: On my bike...
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Originally Posted by tsyGT
Hey Ian! I thought you were thinking about an AP? I think tinting and car racks count as mods.

For what it's worth, my only mods are tinting, debadging, de-spoilering, and de-RE9ing.

I don't go Eastside much, and I don't seem to see anyone downtown, but I'm still hoping to see someone!
Oh, I'm thinking way more than AP. I haven't written down my plans yet but they include stage II, some performance springs, maybe a sway bar, some 18's...and I had to stumble across and read about what PDXtuning down in Portland has done to their Legacy. D'oh!

Yes, I've got the mod bug but the wife is DEAD SET against it. Doesn't help that I've got a buddy that bought and '05 S4 Avant then promptly dropped another $15K in mods on it. We start talking cars and she just shakes her head in disbelief.

I have talked her into letting me get a STS though (how do you like yours again? pm me)! LOL! Trying to decide if i want to slip a Momo knob and an STi tranny mount in with it ("It was all included in the STS honey! I swear!"). I've got a bunch of Subie bucks burning the proverbial hole in the pocket.

Ooooops. Sorry for the OT folks! Back on topic...

Well, I do drive over to the "City" once a week or so, but I try to go midday as the bridges can be a B@#$%. I'll keep an eye out for you.

I usually see at least one Leg/OB with a scoop on 520 when ever I drive it.


PS. uberwagon - It was really trippy, but when I saw you I thought for a second that you had a carbon fiber hood, then I realized it was my polarized sunglasses f'ing with my vision! LOL!

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