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Originally Posted by wsf0817
If I'm such a dumbass, care to explain how the STi shifter has a shorter throw than stock, yet retains the same height? Oh wait, I know, it must be magic. By your logic, since you aren't cutting it in half, the throw can't be shorter... must be a lot of suckers out there buying into that damn subaru marketing.

Here, how about reading this ( ) maybe you'll listen to them since it's not some n00b spouting off :roll: and understand that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Or how about the opinions of some people with more posts on LGT than me?

Not to mention that cutting your shifter does nothing to improve the feel and slop that most people report going away when installing an STS.

Add in the fact, that even on a lathe, this would take more than an hour, I hardly see how I'm saving any significant money here, granted, if your time is worthless, by all means, it's a bargain. There is nothing wrong with doing something yourself, and there's nothing wrong with alternative methods. There are downsides to it, and there are proper ways to design short throw shifters, neither of which cutting the top off your stock unit addresses.

It doesn't matter, you won't convince me to take a hack saw when I can spend $70 on a STS, and I won't convince you not to be a hack. I'm through with this thread, but you can continue on if you want. People that want to do this will continue to do so, others, will buy, and others will stay stock. there's no right or wrong opinion on what to do with your own car. Just don't try and tell me I have to do the same thing. :shrug:


Wow, you are a regular genius - spouting off about topics you know nothing about, defend yourself by attacking the spelling of someones name, and in the end, make one of the most ludicrous arguments for 3000 mile oil changes I've ever heard. It's obvious that YOU aren't familiar with the principles of lubrication, mechanical wear, and modern oils. Go ahead though, keep thinking your oil and engine were manufactured with the same technology that they were in 1965.
Relax man, I did not call you a dumbass?? I am looking to be educated. Show me the difference between the STS and stock. Dont just keep talking. But all you keep doing is "Short Shifting " to another topic. Not sure how oil comes into this??

Slop in the shifter can be helped with bushing even in the stock shifter. And yes the after market may be built to closer tolerances. i.e. tighter feel. But if a few hours work and an $8 die get me 80% of the way, thats what I am doing. Good bang for the buck and also self satisfaction. But I guess if you have more dollars than sense you might opt for the $120 route and paying someone to do it.

I am really interested in knowing! Enlighten me.