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Timing Belt Kit - Gates TCK328
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With 102k miles on the clock I wasn't sure if I could trust that the timing belt was actually replaced. Plus I wanted to replace the cam seals (driver side seals were leaking) and I wanted to dig out the driver head banjo filter. Due to image count restrictions and easier linking I'm splitting the install into a few posts.

Pictured Gates Timing Belt Kit TCK328, with OEM Water pump, thermostat, gasket and cam seals.

Remove the radiator and fans, you will drain the coolant anyway to replace the water pump. I was stubborn and loosened the crank bolt with everything still in place. To loosen the crank bolt simply put the car in 5th, make sure all 4 wheels are on the ground and let the clutch do the crank holding.

Plastic covers removed:

Attach the crank pulley and install the bolt, put the car in neutral and rotate the crank until the crank timing mark aligns with the block.

After that it's safe to remove the belt, simply undo the auto tensioner and the belt will be easy to remove. Make sure to remove the belt guide above the crank and loosen up the belt guides on the back plastic cover.

Now it's a good time to install a new water pump. Install the new idlers after that, all idlers are torqued at 28.9 ft-lbs.

Install the auto tensioner but do not pull the grenade pin yet! Start routing the belt, Gates kit has a dotted line for the crank.

You will need to rotate the driver side exhaust and intake cams to get them aligned. Make sure you rotate the exhaust cam counter clockwise and intake cam clockwise only! Here are some exerts from the FSM to help you along:

I used tools to hold the cams in place while I routed the belt.

Verify your cam, belt and plastic timing marks!

Install the lower idler which will tension the belt a good bit. At this point it's safe to pull the auto tensioner's grenade pin. After you do so rotate the crank clockwise a few cycles to get the auto tension to extend out.

Once you verified all is well with hand cranking the engine, use the gates spacer tool to make sure the chain guide is distanced far enough from the belt to avoid premature wear!

But the timing covers back on and reinstall the crank pulley along with the belts. Reinstall the radiator and burp the system and you are done!

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