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Yeah, the thing with the NAs is that they're pretty much tuned to the max from the factory. You can snag a few more HP from the basic bolt-ons and get some more fun out of 'em with a throttle controller, but other than suspension, don't waste your time (and money!) on power mods.

You bought a Subaru, so, I'm sure you realize that you don't have the fastest car on the block -- it's a 4cylinder, probably automatic, right? You're not going to be winning any street races anytime soon. So with that in mind, just focus on making your ride fun to drive. There's alot to be said for a sharp handling car that has good throttle response, stays flat in corners, and handles predictably.

The best way to achieve that, is to put your money into good suspension and good tires. For about half of what us turbo guys are spending on engine rebuilds and turbo upgrades, you can get lowered on some quality suspension bits, upgraded bushings, swaybars and mounts, and get rolling on some good rubber over a decent brake setup. Paired with something like this, you'll end up with a very FUN car. It won't blow the doors off of much, but you'll have fun driving it, and isn't that why you started down this rabbit hole in the first place?
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