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Front Lowercontrol Arm Rear Bushing: Whiteline KCA334
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Front Lowercontrol Arm Rear Bushing

OEM bushings are notorious for ripping easily, usually last around 40k miles. I don't know why Subaru decided to switch to horizontal bushings, the arm needs movement to avoid binding otherwise the bushing rips. 04 FXT/Impreza's have a vertical bushing, which allows the arm to move a little more freely without ripping the bushing.

I was torn between AVO bushing and the Whiteline one, I found the Whiteline one cheaper, plus on the fly adjustable caster is really cool actually.
Part number: Whiteline KCA334

Unbolt Front bushing

Unbolt the anti-swaybar end links

Unbolt rear

Used a prybar to pull it off

Getting the control arm off the lower ball joint is a pain. I had to resort to the ball joint puller, which pretty much always damages the ball joint boot. Which means a new ball joint is needed, or at least a boot.

Control arm finally off

Fun part was getting the stock bushing off

Then press the new one in

Put it all together and set the bushing to add caster by making the holes point to the inside of the car. I also marked where the caster setting should be so I can see where to adjust it while on the car.

Installed on the car the driver side will look like this:

Rear stud goes directly into the body of the car, Subaru doesn't use a subframe like Nissan does, which means the road noise/vibrations go directly into the body. Will see how much NVH is transmitted with these solid bushings.

Ready to be bolted back up, which takes a few tries...

The rear bushing will deform a bit since the suspension is at full droop.

All suspension bushings, just like anti-swaybars, should be tightened with full weight on them, this avoids bushing preload. Drive on ramps to the rescue, snuck them under the wheels and lowered the jackstands on them.

Now the rearward bushing is looking better

Torque everything down and your done. Front nut should be torqued to 81.1ft-lbs, the rear two bolts should be torqued to 110.6ft-lbs. If your on a Legacy, make sure to install the washer (my kit didn't have it, but Whiteline provided it free of charge).

Driving Impressions
These bushings rock! The car handles great after the bushing install, even though I installed them to remove caster instead of add by accident! Front end has a ton more traction now, also feels like turning radius at speed has been greatly reduced too (not that this car needed it with an awesome 35 foot turning circle!).

NVH barely increased, not all that noticeable, but I am on 100k mile stock suspension so other creeks could be masking it.

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