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Stock Airbox & Resonator Removal on Stock Downpipe
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After I cleaned the MAF it felt like the car picked up some power. Since most of my virtual dyno runs were done in warmish winter weather (50-65*F), and today being in the mid 50's I wanted to see if the car gained power from MAF cleaning. I've been driving on a stock airbox for a while after MAF cleaning / ECU reset, so self learning should have taken effect already.

I did a virtual dyno run with stock airbox, 192whp / 201wtq, power seemed to be down actually from previous runs, but temperatures and atmospheric pressures change. This is why I try to do virtual dyno runs back to back when testing mods.

Here is what the stock intake looks like:

I was surprised to see such a big hole in the fender, luckily you don't need to drop the bumper to remove the resonator. (see the trash? ha)

MAF side of the box, not the best design for airflow.

Giant resonator/leaf collector

Airbox has a 3" hole for the resonator

Remove that and you got cold air coming in from the fender.

I didn't bother resetting the ECU since it's still running stock airbox, plus driving around to reset IAM is annoying (I'm going to flash the ecu to have 1.0 IAM by default!). Anyway resonator removed got me very impressive gains, 207whp / 205 wtq, I almost wonder if it was a fluke, but the car definitely felt less restricted.

This could also be a gain from the motor leaning out and ECU not compensating for it yet, as you can see the stock AFR gauge is useless. Which means the power gains would be reduced after self learn is complete.

EDIT: I will hold off on any more testing until I do a downpipe and wire in the WB02.

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